The Blanket Scarf Look

styling blanket scarf

Good morning my beautiful readers! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving full of memories, friends, family, and Christmas decorating. The day after Christmas I trekked outside and strung lights on the bushes and around the railing posts next to our front door. Contrary to what I want it to look like, this wasn’t a stress-free event. I can’t “keep it together” when dealing with lights and I don’t know many people who can! However, I did try to look good doing it!

christmas decorating outfit

No stilettos and sweater dresses for me though! Embracing my inner outdoorsy-girl, I wore my favorite pair of Lucky Brand jeans, a quilted vest, blanket scarf, and a glamorous pair of Sperry Top-Sider duck boots.

wearing blanket scarves

One trend I finally embraced was the blanket scarf. I bought this one through an online retailer (link here) and was really happy when it came! Plenty of infinity scarves sit in my drawers untouched so here’s hoping I actually wear this blanket scarf a little more often. I like to tuck mine into my vest for added warmth.

quilted vests

Believe it or not, I found this quilted vest by Kenneth Cole at a thrift store! Cost me only a dollar and the color is great on me. J Crew has tempted me for several seasons with their coveted herringbone puffer vest but I think I’ll stick with this cheaper option.

sperry duck boots

In an effort to embrace the damp conditions of the Mid-Atlantic right now, I donned Sperry duck boots to make the outdoor decorating experience a little preppier. I don’t know about you, but I love the animal print going on in these!

duck face selfie

Completing my basic white girl look is a partial duck face! The Christmas decorating isn’t quite over yet so I might be revisiting this outfit soon. It’s simple but it works for the occasion while making me look a tad bit cuter!

Tell me about your Christmas lights experience this year with a comment below!

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Dressing for a Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Decorating

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! My family and I celebrated together with some friends of ours who have become like family to us over the years. It was a joyous time of laughter and good food. Best part is, we have tons of turkey left over to make turkey sandwiches!

The day after Thanksgiving everyone goes into full-on Christmas mode. It’s now socially acceptable to have Christmas trees lit up, seasonal songs playing, and to order that Gingerbread Latte you’ve been dying to drink. As much as I love Thanksgiving, I love the day after almost as much! Our outdoor lights go up and the Christmas cheer in turned on.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Another reason I love this day is for our town’s Christmas tree lighting. It happens every year the day after Thanksgiving. My parents have lived in the same town since I was born; needless to say I know a lot of people here. Some I went to high school with, others to church with, and some I’ve just known since birth. A town tree lighting is an event that brings everyone together!

Community gatherings are great, especially because you see people you haven’t seen in awhile. On occasions like this, I always try to look my best! Since it’s a casual event and usually a chilly one, I’ve got the perfect outfit to combine warmth and style.

Start with a base layer of warm thermal clothing (no one sees this layer). Wear a trendy safari jacket on top and classic denim jeans. Now for my favorite part- the little add-ons that make an outfit fabulous! Let’s start with shoes. Duck boots are a classic shoe for the wet, winter months and they don’t have to come with an expensive price tag. Try these ones from Target. I love them because I can tuck my jeans into the boots but they don’t go as far up as riding boots do.

For added warmth, wear a knitted headband like these ones with a scarf. I like to tuck my scarves into my jacket before zipping it up. A patterned scarf would work really nicely with this outfit because all of the materials and designs are very basic. Add some color to your face with a classic red lip! A little pizzazz never hurt anyone!

Comment with your favorite Thanksgiving traditions below!

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What to Put in a Guest Room

Holiday Guest Room

Only a few more days until Thanksgiving and I’m getting excited! My family and I have our own little routine for this holiday. We start every Thanksgiving by watching the Macy’s parade Thursday morning followed by my mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Dad bastes the turkey all day and then we eat around 4. We don’t have family in the area so we make do with a few friends of ours that sometimes come in place of family.

For those of you who have out-of-town guests coming, I’ve come up with a little list of things you might want to have on hand in their guest bedroom! Hospitality is the strongest form of love you can show to anyone staying in your home. Your house isn’t a hotel, but you’re a host and should try your best to make guests feel comfortable!

Preparing for Holiday Guests

Let’s talk about bedding. First, you need the obvious things- towels, an air mattress with clean sheets on it if there isn’t a bed already in the room, and a few pillows. However, it’s nice to include extra blankets, a few throw pillows for decoration, and even a fan for noise.

Moving on to bathroom supplies, keep a few travel sized items in a neat basket. Shampoo, tooth brushes and tooth paste, soap, and even a hair brush are all items I would include because I forget them on most of my trips. You might consider lending your female guests a cleaned flat iron or curling iron if they forgot to bring theirs.

A final touch that really makes guests feel welcomed is a jar of cookies and a few bottles of water. Everyone gets the midnight munchies, but when you’re at another person’s home you feel funny about going into their kitchen and making yourself a snack. A cookie jar or even a snack bag is a nice touch to any guest room.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give thanks for the many blessings you have! Leave a comment with your holiday plans!

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Styling a Floppy Hat

styling floppy hat

Happy Monday! I can’t believe how chilly it’s starting to get! Last week it was in the 60s and this morning it’s 40 degrees. Dressing for this weather can be really difficult. I’ve been sitting around the house applying for jobs in sweat pants and hoodies, so I haven’t had the dressing and layering issues you guys have had. Sipping coffee all day and job hunting isn’t something you need to dress up for!

How to Wear a Floppy Hat

Despite my sweat pant wearing days, I do like to have a little pep in my step when I go out! Sitting at home all day is probably the worst thing you can do for your mood. I have a closet full of pretty things to wear and am determined to wear them. One of the things that has been sitting on my shelf and tempting my cat to sit on is this great felt floppy hat. I bought it back in October and hadn’t worn it once! It has sat there for weeks and on more than one occasion my kitty, Puddin’, has tried to make a little bed on top of it. I finally decided to pull it out and wear it!

how to wear floppy hats

Styling it was harder than I thought. They’ve been in all the stores and fashion blogs so I assumed I could wear it with anything. After trying it on with several different outfits, I settled on a simple pair of jeans, tank top, sweater, and boots. How basic, right? Whatever, fall is the best season for basic girls like me, so I’m going to own it!

lucky brand review

Like I said, there are many stores selling these hats but I found this one at Old Navy. I’ve seen similar ones in Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, and a few other department stores. It’s one of those items that will probably only be popular this season, therefore I wouldn’t invest much money in one. Here’s a link to felt floppy hats under $25.

Steve madden boots

The rest of my outfit was simple. My jeans are from Lucky Brand, which I highly recommend! I’ve worn quite a few pairs of jeans in my day, but this brand is the most comfortable and long lasting. They are expensive if you don’t shop their clearance section often. I bought this pair (the Brooke Skinny in size 8) for $32! (Read my Golden Rules for Shopping). They’re a great jean to tuck into boots like these ones from Steve Madden. They were another bargain find from long ago!

J Crew statement necklace

Last but not least, the outfit was pulled together with a pretty statement necklace from J Crew and this faux fur sweater from Hollister. Yes, I still buy a thing or two from this high school haven as long as there aren’t seagulls all over it.

How do you usually wear a hat? Leave me a comment and follow me on Instagram!

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Table ideas
Less than a week until Thanksgiving everyone! I love this holiday for many reasons but one of them is because it’s the last chance we have to decorate with fall-themed things. Some people have already put up their Christmas trees but I’m still clinging to my pumpkins.

Decorating for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite trends that we’re beginning to see is the use of copper! I like it because it’s cheap, elegant, and easy to decorate with. I’m still a fan of gold (I’ll always love it) but copper is something new and exciting! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, consider investing in a few accessories or serving trays that incorporate this growing trend.

Keeping with tradition though, I love a classic wreath! My mom has one for every single holiday or season and I’m probably going to buy some when I move out. A little decorating tip: use the wreath as a centerpiece for your table. Inside of it place a candle or a bowl of cranberries, a classic Thanksgiving dish!

Placemats are another love of mine. I bought these gorgeous Cynthia Rowley ones at TJ Maxx even though I don’t have my own dining room to use them in. They were on sale and I just couldn’t resist! I saw the “thankful” ones above at Target today for $3.99 each and stood there looking at them for a good minute or two before I decided that once again, I don’t have my own dining room and these aren’t exactly my mom’s style. They’re really cute for the holiday though and might be perfect for the inevitable “kid’s table” that pops up at nearly every Thanksgiving gathering.

If none of these ideas fly with you, then go find yourself a ceramic turkey to put on your table and be done with it! I’d caution you when putting it on the table though- turkeys have a front and back, so be careful where the back faces as to not offend anyone if you know what I mean.

Leave me a comment with your Thanksgiving plans and dinner table set up! Follow me on Instagram for more holiday inspiration!

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Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Happy Thursday lovelies! It’s been a really crazy week of going back and forth to Washington, D.C. interviewing for jobs and other fun stuff like that. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m so thankful to even get job interviews! But preparing for all of them and remembering times, places, and people’s names can be really exhausting. no nonsense tights

In other exciting news, Thanksgiving is almost here and for many people it’s an occasion they dress up for (and then regret it when their trousers split or a button pops off after dinner.) I love dressing up and have put together a great outfit with the help of No Nonsense featuring a pair of their stylish tights!

How to Style Tights

I will be the first to admit that tights scare the heck out of me. My mom would make me wear them to church and I would sit there feeling miserable. They just aren’t comfortable. These ones however, I am more than happy to wear! The material is soft, durable (my inner 5-year old is rejoicing) and stretches to fit over every curve. Suitable for Thanksgiving dinner, it has a tummy control-top! No one likes a muffin top and I didn’t get one wearing these tights, thank goodness.

thanksgiving outfit ideas

The idea behind this outfit was to incorporate a traditional Thanksgiving color (and food)- cranberry! These plaid tights created the base color I needed to work with. I paired a navy blue pencil skirt that had a color coordinated vertical stripe down each hip with a striped t-shirt material top. I added a necklace and some color to my lips for a little something extra. Simple and elegant.

autumn outfits

Being the girly-girl that I am, I love to dress up and look nice for every occasion. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when it’s difficult to know what to wear because you know you’ll eat a lot but you still want to look good. I think this outfit works for your style and comfort goals. Visit No Nonsense to peek at their other tights and leggings! Comment with your Thanksgiving Day outfit suggestions!

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Tights c/o No Nonsense. All opinions are my own. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Happy Monday friends! Today, David from Haute Ecriture is going to share with you some of the best gifts you can get men for Christmas. Over on his blog, I’m sharing great Christmas gifts you can get women! Read on for David’s Christmas gift list! christmas gifts for men

It’s barely November and Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet but this is when you should be buying Christmas gifts because it can be difficult to find the perfect gift if you don’t get it early. Stores will be crowded and items will be sold out and you’ll be left getting a boring gift. This is especially true if you’re buying for a guy.

People usually think that buying gifts for women is more complicated because they think that women are picky but buying for men is much more difficult because there are less options. Whether your buying for a friend, your husband, or any other guy in your life, it can have you spending hours in the store wondering what to get.

As someone who loves gift giving and usually plans his gifts months ahead of time (I bought my husband diamond earrings for our first anniversary 6 months prior to the date), I’m going to help the readers of Witty ‘N’ Pretty with this guide to buying gifts for men. Let’s get started with the most common gift on the list.

1. Cologne

I know this sounds cliché (because it is), but this can go a long way. If you get a perfume by a luxury brand like Chanel, Dior, or Dolce & Gabanna, it will stand out. The guy you’re buying for will appreciate that you got it from a brand like that instead of heading into your local Walgreens because you didn’t know what he likes. He will appreciate it even more if you get him an Eau de Parfum instead of an Eau de Toilette and explain to him what the difference is because it shows that you put some thought into it.

Speaking of not knowing what he likes, that isn’t much of a problem either. If you go here, you can see my guide to buying fragrances and that should help you out.

2. A hat

I know what you’re thinking. “A hat? How on earth is a hat a good Christmas gift? That’s so boring.” It’s a good Christmas gift if you know what kind of hat to get.

This one can be tricky because it depends on your recipient’s style but most guys these days wear fitted caps and SnapBacks. A SnapBack is a baseball cap that has the adjustable snaps on the back while a fitted cap is just that. A baseball cap that is fitted to the wearer’s head and comes in a specific size. When you buy these hats, you need to make sure that the visor is flat. It can’t be the classic baseball cap with a rounded visor. Places to get these hats include Hat Club and Lids. Lids also let’s you customize your hats so you can put his name on it. Again, that seems cliché but most guys will like it. Also, if you can’t find out his size in fitted caps, get a SnapBack.

3. Shoes

Men love shoes just as much as women do, so getting your guy a pair of shoes from his favorite brand will make a great gift. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what style he likes but you need to know exactly what shoe size he wears. Just pay attention to the style of his shoes before the holidays you should be able to get a good idea of what kind of shoes to get.

Oh, and don’t forget to get a cleaning kit with those shoes. Men love to take care of their shoes.

So, what do you think of those gift ideas? Are you going to get any of these items or do you think I should’ve listed something else? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog at for posts like this and more.

Instagram Editing: Good or Bad?

On this lovely Friday morning, I wanted to talk about how “real” or “fake” Instagram can be. In light of the famous Instagrammer, Essena O’Neill, who quit Instagram because it created an unhealthy culture and blurred lines between reality and photoshop, I thought I’d let you guys look at my most recent Insta photo.

Instagram: Real Vs. Fake

The photo on the left has not been touched or edited in any way. The photo on the right has used two different iPhone apps to smooth out any wrinkles, frown lines, or under eye circles, and give my face that “sunset glow.” Actually, I’m looking at it now and realize that it’s closer to a “Cheetoh dust glow” than a sunset, but that’s besides the point. Notice how my eyes become a little prettier, my scarf a little brighter, and the leaves a little yellow-er? An app did that, not me.

One thing I hate about cameras is that they don’t seem to catch the same photo we do with our eyes. Because our photos never turn out as beautiful as the actual scene, we try to make up for it in our editing. Am I really that pale in person? No, which is why I decided to tan myself a bit, or a lot. Do trees come alive with color? Yes, but they don’t always reflect that in photos.

Instagrammers edit photos so they can put their best foot forward and gain followers who appreciate their content. Editing isn’t always a bad thing, but it becomes a problem when it promotes unhealthy expectations of people. Examples of this would be models who are a little too thin or people who just don’t seem to age (“seem” is the key word there.) We can edit, but we still need to be real.

Leave a comment with your opinion about the real vs. fakeness of Instagram!

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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

red cup christmas

Most of you probably have figured out that I love coffee (if not, look at my Instagram). I adore it and it keeps me going every day when I don’t feel like I can go anymore. Unlike a lot of people, I have made zero comment on the great Starbucks debate of 2015 and have just kept living my life. This post will be no different. Every year Starbucks debuts the most wonderful coffee mugs, ornaments, and little stocking stuffers to the public. About the same time they do this, I swear to myself that I won’t buy any of it because I don’t need anymore coffee mugs or little trinkets. A month later, I’ve bought at least two mugs.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover, you can trust me to give you the best advice on what to buy the java junkie in your life. The difference between me and them is that they might be more of a coffee snob than I am. You know, the type that has to have their coffee from the deep jungles of some random country where the beans are handpicked by the locals and then aged in an organic wheat sack of some sort. If you just laughed, you know the people I’m talking about.

If they’re the average coffee drinker who walks into their neighborhood Starbucks of Dunkin Donuts every morning, then you’re talking to the right girl. I’ll start you off with something fool proof- a bag of the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee. You literally can’t go wrong with this delicious brew.

Another easy gift is an adorable Starbucks ornament. They create a bunch of little red cups in ceramic form and attach a red string to them to indulge our red cup obsession and turn it into a profit. It’s also the best ornament ever for a coffee lover.

The iconic Starbucks mermaid always makes her debut on the front of a ceramic travel mug. I absolutely love the way she looks so whimsical. Bonus: you can use this mug all year-round because it’s not seasonal specific. Frankly, I can see myself sipping from this on the beach.

Next on my list is that adorable candy cane mug with the whipped cream lid on it! Can these people get more clever? I absolutely love this mug. There aren’t many mugs out there that have that kind of lid.

If you did advent calendars when you were a kid like I did, then you’ll love the great one Starbucks has this year. Not sure what goodies are inside it but I imagine they’re pretty great. You’ll get bonus points for being so clever too!

For those of you who are reading this in a warmer climate, I haven’t forgotten you! Starbucks has really awesome travel tumblers that are made to keep things cold. Better yet, they sparkle!

Hopefully, one of you knows someone that has a little coffee bar at their house and regularly stocks it with yummy things to make their coffee special! You can buy latte syrup in a bottle that comes with a pump so it’s literally like having your own Starbucks in your house. Add in that hot cocoa gift set and you’re good to go!

If you’re a coffee lover, leave a comment with your favorite coffee related gift!

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10 Mistakes Every First-Time Blogger Makes

Mistakes Bloggers Make


Hello lovelies! Since I shared a post last week about a few milestones I’ve recently reached on my blog, I wanted to give some unsolicited advice about the mistakes new bloggers make. I started out on my blogging adventure in May 2014 and did so many crazy things that crack me up now. Many of you have commented on other blog posts saying that you’re new to the blogging world. I’d love to help you out with a few suggestions on what you shouldn’t do when blogging!

Blogging Mistakes

Inconsistent Blogging –

I’ve had many bloggers approach me and want to collaborate, which is great! However, the first thing I do is check their blogs to see how consistent they are in their blogging. Why? Because it says a lot about how serious they are, the size of their (potential) audience, and how much my time will be worth collaborating on a project with them. Additionally, your own audience will become disinterested in you if they don’t know when you’ll post next.

Poorly Lit Photos-

The first months of my blogging were the worst for this! Shadowy pictures, grainy photos, and just awful imagery were all over my posts. It was bad. No one likes to look at that! People love pretty pictures that are well lit and taken with a steady hand. The best light is natural light. 

Writing Mysterious Titles-

“Pumpkins and Bicycles.” What does that even mean? Bloggers seem to think that mysterious blog titles will get people interested in what they wrote. It doesn’t do that at all. If people don’t clearly understand the topic of your blog post, then they are very unlikely to click it on to find out more.

Strange Font Colors-

When I first started blogging, I thought it was a fun idea to make my fonts bright and exciting. I actually made some of the font colors pink! Yes, I would write my entire post in pink. Guess what? No one can read that, so don’t do it.

Keeping the .Wordpress-

Starting out, you aren’t sure if you want to invest money in your blog. Believe me, I get it. However, if you want brands and other bloggers to take you seriously and collaborate with you, you have to get rid of that “.Wordpress” in your blog’s url and that means buying the domain name.

Relying on Polyvore for Content-

I love Polyvore, but it shouldn’t be your main source to create content. I use it specifically to help me with illustrations for my blog, but I do not let that become the centerpiece. For example, I might create a little something about a seasonal coffee bar, but I don’t plop that on my blog post and say “enjoy guys!” That doesn’t help anyone or give them ideas. You need to write something!

Writing About Yourself-

Talking about your experiences adds life to your posts, but your blog isn’t your online diary. If you truly want to grow your blog, then you need to have content that somehow helps or inspires the readers.

Promoting Your Blog-

I’ve had people comment on my blog or Instagram saying something like “Great” and then leaving their blog link. Obviously, they’re trying to get me and my readers to visit their blog. Leave a substantive comment and it’s more likely to happen.

Forgetting to Spell Check-

Even I still forget to do this. It’s the thing that can add or take away credibility from your website. Similar to applying for a job, you can’t have mistakes on your resume because no one will take you seriously.

Writing More Than You Promote-

For whatever reason, we think all we have to do is promote our blog posts on our Facebook pages and our Twitters, but it’s so much more than that. Collaborating with other bloggers, writing for websites, and leaving genuine comments on other’s blogs is promotion.

If you have tips, experiences, or advice to share, then please leave a comment! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say and so does everyone else!

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