5 Things That Make Your Day Better

Morning Happiness!

I wake up some mornings with a really bad attitude and a gloomy expression on my face. Life is too short to have even one day like this. Here are 5 things I do to prevent the morning (and afternoon) blues.

1) Drink coffee or tea!

My morning starts out with coffee to give me that energy boost I need. I have a few different creamers I like to add for flavor (I can’t drink my coffee black). Also, I have a thing for coffee mugs! Wherever I go I’m always on the lookout for a cute mug to bring home to enjoy my drink in. They just make me smile. I’m trying to get on the tea drinking band wagon but haven’t found any I like yet. Suggestions please!

2) Listen to a happy song

I have a playlist I regularly update with songs that just make me smile to improve my mood.

Currently this is what’s on it:

“This is the LIfe” -Two Door Cinema Club

“The Sound of Sunshine” – Michael Franti and Spearhead

“Life is Good” – Ritalin

“City of Blinding Lights” – U2

“Best Day of My Life” – American Authors

3) Pick Some Flowers or Find Some Greenery

springI am a true believer that something green and living in your office, house etc. lifts the spirits and does wonders for your health. During the winter, when everything was dead outside I would go to my local market and just pick up a cheap bouquet of flowers (not more then $5) and put it in my bedroom. Waking up to it every morning started my day off right.

4) Count Your Blessings

Sometimes we forget how much we have in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Keeping up with the Jones’ is next to impossible and yet we keep trying. Some of the happiest people I have ever met have lived very simple lives. Everyday I go through my blessings and the things I’m thankful for by using the alphabet as a guide. For example, ‘A’ is for Amir (that’s my boyfriend’s name), ‘B’ is for the beach (my favorite place to go). Do this until you get to the end of the alphabet.

5) Quick Massage

Grab your favorite scented lotion and give your feet, legs, and hands a fast massage. Not only will it moisturize your skin, but it will also release tension in the your muscles. When I wake up in the morning I have incredibly tense muscles. I am an avid dreamer and sometimes those dreams are so real my entire body participate so to speak. If you have sensitive skin, try using CeraVeย as an alternative to other brands. My skin does not take kindly to products like Bath and Body Works and CeraVe is something my dermatologist recommended and it definitely works.

Comment and share!

Have a good Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚



7 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Your Day Better

  1. Liz: I love this post! Teas I love are: Lipton green tea – Mandarin Orange flavor, English breakfast (Twinings), Yogi Lemon Ginger, actually anything yogi, Traditional Medicinals teas (great teas for what ails ya). These are just a few… I gave up coffee a year ago and have not regretted it at all. I have caffeine very infrequently and feel better for it:). Great blog! Keep writing.

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