How to Look Thinner in Photos!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look good in their photos no matter what angle they’re taken at? Seriously, have we ever seen a bad picture of Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham? I haven’t. At least not recently. Besides the make up artists, fitness trainers, personal shoppers, and expensive designers, how do they always look so good? Not everyone is born looking that hot. But I think I know their secret!

Standing for the Perfect Shot

1001336_10201555753961600_563539267_nIn my sophomore year of college I met a girl who had been in pageants her whole life. She was a nice Texas girl with big blonde hair and a cute accent to match. I noticed in all of her photos she looked not only very thin, but also poised. I scrolled through a few of her pageant photos and analyzed everything she was doing in them to get that perfect shot. After a few minutes I finally figured it out. It was the way she stood. 

I achieved the same beautiful pose after a few tries and have been perfecting it ever since. Here’s how you do it!

1. Its in the Shoulders

Let your shoulders guide you backwards slightly so that your body follows the direction in which your shoulders are pushing. We’ve been told since we were kids that perfect posture includes pulling your shoulders back and not slouching. Understanding this is key! Once you get it,  you will be able to have your spine follow the shoulders, forming a slight arch in your back. 

2. Balance Your Weight

Do not allow yourself to stand with your weight evenly distributed on both legs. Depending on the side you are standing on, you want to put one leg slightly out in front of the other, bent at the knee. Put roughly 70% of your weight on the other leg. You look thinner when your weight is put “behind you” so to speak. 

3. Your Arm is Your Asset 

The arm is naturally the thinnest limb on your body, so use it to your advantage! Place your hand lightly on your hip, just below your waist line. You do not want to put your hand on your waist as it will make your hips appear much larger. 

4. The Angle

Your body (torso area especially) needs to be angled slightly away from the camera. If you’re posing with another person, 1010518_10201576651124016_378325775_nangle your body more towards them. By no means do you need to turn sideways though. Turn about a 45 degree angle towards the person you are with. It is just enough to catch you at one of your thinnest points.

This is literally the simplest thing you can do to make your photos turn out nicer. There’s nothing more annoying than looking at photos of a great night and having the slight pudge on your belly or hips be noticeable (I’ve been there). Good luck with this and practice it for perfection!

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