Bath & Body Works Scents of the Season

Just like any of other seasons, I couldn’t help but wander into Bath & Body Works to smell some of their fall scented candles. Big mistake. How do they combine the perfect imagery on the front of the candle with a fabulous smell? Their marketers are brilliant is all I can figure. As long as you put a pretty image on the front, it could smell like a skunk and I would still buy it.

Anyway, I am absolutely in love with their collection for this Autumn! I have committed not to buying any until at least the second week of September though (remember, we want to savor summer!) I talked with an employee there and she said to be on the lookout for even more new scents and soaps to spice up your home! I captured a few photos of my favorite scents to share with you! Be sure to comment and tell me your favorites or suggest new ones to try!


14 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Scents of the Season

  1. mudpilewood says:

    I’ve never smelt a pumpkin scented candle, they haven’t made it to Ireland, yet. We are stuck with lavender, lemon, cinnamon and spice (christmas favorite) to name but a few.


  2. Stephanae V. McCoy says:

    Love Bath & Body Works and like you I’m not buying any of the autumn frangrances until mid to late September. I’m determined to drag summer out for as long as possible. Was a little upset that I couldn’t get one of my favorite deep cleansing hand soaps because they were cleared out to make way for the fall stuff…oh well.


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