Living Room Styling Tips


As many of you know, I love interior design and creating a space to reflect a mood. Modani Modern Furniture has a very unique style of furniture and recently released a collection of sofas. For this post, I chose the “White Phantom Sofa” in their Modern collection as my centerpiece. The look I was aiming for is ‘modern glamor’. The reflective surfaces in the accessories create the glamor affect while the shapes and whimsical nature of each piece ties in the modern aspect.

Probably my favorite accessory I’ve featured is the mirror.  It brings in an element of old-world charm I wouldn’t expect to find paired with these modern pieces. The best thing I’ve learned about designing a space is to use both traditional and contemporary furniture. By doing this, you’ll have a look that doesn’t go out of style quickly. When the trend does end, you’ll only need to replace a few dated items instead of everything.

Something else I love about this look is how bright it is. The only time I would ever consider using dark furniture is in a large room or a room that gets a lot of sunlight during the day, otherwise dark colors makes the room look smaller. I used gray, white, silver, and a pop of pink as my color scheme because they reflect light making the room appear bigger. I realize that not everyone can have white furniture because its prone to stains. In this case, choose a light gray or even a darker cream color to achieve a similar look without all the fuss of keeping it clean.

Be sure to check out these and other Modani furniture styles on their website. I found quite a few things I’m in love with!


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