Blush Blog Inspiration

Blush Inspiration
Here’s a little Thursday morning inspiration! I’m really loving the blush colors for spring right now. As I’m looking for the perfect colors to design my blog around, I’m finding that color palettes that are soft and “whispy” in a way, are exactly what I want. I’m in the midst of looking for website builders that are good at what they do but won’t charge me several thousand dollars. Ultimately, I would like to do the design aspect in terms of fonts, textures, and colors. All I really need is someone to do the coding and implement certain widgets. Let me know what you think of the colors I’ve chosen in a comment below!

18 thoughts on “Blush Blog Inspiration

  1. Love it!! Looking forward to see how your blog will continue to turn out. Once you decide on something, please let us know!

  2. I love the blush colour! So subtle and pretty! You should look into getting a University/College student to help you with coding, they’re always looking for stuff to add to their resume/portfolio!

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