When Guests Come Calling

Little Luxuries

Yesterday I walked into Michael’s Craft Store and was greeted with a plethora of Autumn themed items to spark my creativity! It reminded me that even though it’s only mid July, the holidays will be speeding our way in no time. As someone who likes to be prepared, I rounded up a few things that I think are important to have in a guest room when family comes around.

  1. Extra blankets– I like to keep my apartment cool when I sleep but some people don’t like shivering all night. Imagine that.
  2. Coffee maker– Lots of people like coffee in the morning to wake them up. Guests often feel like they need to at least look presentable to join everyone in the kitchen for coffee so why not give them an easy out with their own coffee maker?
  3. Flowers– They aren’t a necessity but it shows that you put some thought into their room and wanted it to look nice.
  4. Hygiene necessities– I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve forgotten shampoo or deodorant while traveling. Have a bottle of shampoo, a bar of soap, a razor, and a travel size deodorant available in their room in case they forgot.
  5. Extra towels– I’m the type of person that can reuse a towel a time or two (as long as no one else has used it). Other people shudder at the thought of that. Have a few extra hand towels and bath towels for them.
  6. Air freshener– Once again, this shows you care. Have you ever been in someone’s home and smelled funny but they clearly don’t notice because they’re used to it? Hopefully you don’t have the same problem but just in case, have a wall plug in with a filter that smells like a baked good. Never do floral scents because some people are sensitive to it.

When you have company, what are the little things you do to prepare? Let me know in a comment below!


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