drinking game

Hallmark Christmas Movie Cookie Game

Hallmark christmas drinking Game


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is sitting down with a hot cup of coffee after dinner and flipping to the Hallmark channel to indulge myself in some romantic Christmas movies. Call me crazy, but I really do enjoy these predictable movies. I say “predictable” because well, they are. Everyone knows the girl and guy are going to get together in the end. Frankly, that’s why I feel so relaxed while watching them!

I’ve come up with a little game to play while watching any Hallmark Christmas movie. I’d call it a drinking game, but I feel like the holidays should be spent somewhat sober. Instead, I’m calling it a cookie game. Every time you check off something on the list I’m about to give you, you get to eat a Christmas cookie. Should be easy, right?

Right click and save the image below so you can print it out and enjoy yourselves! Feel free to add your own items to this list in a comment below!

hallmark christmas drinking game

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13 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas Movie Cookie Game

  1. Marina'sKitchen says:

    I love Hallmark channel’s Christmas movies as well. I have 11 movies sitting on my DVR right now waiting to be watched. I like to curl up on the couch with a yummy snack and watch one….or two. I just spent a month writing a children’s book, so it’s time to get back to those Christmas movies!


  2. careofmon says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this!!!! The only ones I would add are main character has some sort of amnesia and world only becomes right again when they realize the magic of Christmas AND dogs bring love interests together 🙂


  3. Cozy Home Lor says:

    Haha, I absolutely love this idea! I never knew how many Christmas movies the Hallmark channel actually featured (until I started seeing it all over Instagram!) It’s a nice way to de-stress after a work day, for sure!


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