Airport Style- the Do’s and Don’ts

Airport Style

Hello beauties! Hopefully, you’re recovering from your Christmas festivities and getting back into the “swing of things” as my mom likes to say. Right now, I’m blogging from the unseasonably cold San Antonio, Texas. I flew in late Sunday night/Monday morning to visit my boyfriend for New Year’s! An unfortunate flight delay had me stuck at the airport in Baltimore where I bared witness to several airport style faux-pas. This brings me to the point of this post- the do’s and don’ts of airport fashion.

Air transit has taken an unfortunate spin downward in the last 20 years. No longer is it a glamorous way to get around but an easy, somewhat inexpensive way to shuttle the masses. When my dad was a little boy, he and his parents flew from America to England to see his mom’s family. He was only a few years old, but my grandma dressed him in a little suit to travel. Flying was something you dressed up for! What happened to that?

I don’t expect everyone to dress up like they’re going to church (although that’s rare in itself), but a little class and self-respect doesn’t hurt anyone. The worst outfit offenders at the airport in Baltimore didn’t belong to children or even teenagers; they belonged to adults. I saw one man wearing plaid pajama bottoms and flip flops while chatting loudly on his phone. The woman sitting next to me wore an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. She also took off her shoes and wedged her feet in the seat pocket in front of her so she could curl up with her blanket.

Do’s and Don’ts of Airport Style

Covering what not to wear, let’s start with sweatpants. They’re comfy, great for curling up in, and look sloppy. It’s a big no. Anything that you wear to bed or to the gym is also on the “do not wear” list. Real simple, huh? Flying isn’t comfortable no matter what you do, so let’s make a universal effort to at least make ourselves look decent while doing it.

Moving on to what you should wear is a little more lengthy. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look nice. On my flight the other day, I wore a plain navy 3/4 sleeve shirt with a puffer vest over it and Lauren Conrad loose fit jeans. Expensive? Not in the least, but I sure looked more put together than my seat partner next to me. Let’s not forget the bonuses of looking nice- flight attendants are much more attentive!

If it’s a shorter flight, I wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer over it. It’s stylish, looks nice, and not hard to wear. For longer flights, lose fitting jeans (boyfriend style is my favorite) and a soft t-shirt work nicely. Because planes can be chilly, I bring my treasured blanket scarf with me to stay warm.

Hopefully this advice is helpful and gives you an idea of what a good airport look is. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can’t be what you wear to sleep in. Stay stylish, my friends!

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13 thoughts on “Airport Style- the Do’s and Don’ts

  1. I was guilty of this. I remember my fabulously gay uncle scolding me at 2am when he picked me up from the airport, saying, ‘what on earth are you wearing??!’ And because I love my uncle, I have taken his advice to heart!


  2. I totally agree! People look like slobs most of the time when they are out in public. We laugh at the “People of Walmart” videos, but that is a sad commentary on the times we live in. People just don’t seem to care.


  3. We traveled to Florida in September and it was fascinating to see what other people wore to travel. I dressed in khakis and a polo shirt with sneakers but others were wearing things that made me scratch my head a little. It used to be people dressed to the nines but now not so much.


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