Why I didn’t shop the NSale 

Nordstrom anniversary sale expensiveLet me start out by saying that I’m so glad that some people got to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Quite a few bloggers I know look forward to it every year and blog about their sale finds later. I’m completely living through them right now! However, when I remembered the sale was going to start soon I made a decision right there and then not to shop the sale for two reasons.

The first reason is that I’m trying to watch my spending. Impulse purchases are by far my biggest issue when it comes to shopping a sale. The very word ‘sale’ invokes a crazy mental response from me that says no matter what, if it’s on sale I have to have it, even if I don’t need it. A bank account can’t sustain that kind of thinking for long. Semi-annual sales are the worst for me because 75% off is something I find almost impossible to pass up.

When I was a young teenager, the Bath and Body Works semi-annual was what I lived for! If there was any body wash, perfume, or candle on sale I had to buy it even though I had plenty. I would get in the car with my mom and she would say “how much more smelly stuff do you need?!” I would just look at her like she’s crazy for not taking advantage of the prices, but it turns out she had point.

The second reason is more of a personal philosophy. I have thousands of dollars in student loans to repay and therefore have no business buying shoes that are on sale for $150 as opposed to $300. For the serious fashion-minded gal, paying $150 for shoes is a no brainer. For someone a little more thrifty, I can’t do it! Someday when all of my debts have been paid and I have money in my savings account, I might join you at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Right now, I’ll just sit back and live through you!


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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

41 thoughts on “Why I didn’t shop the NSale 

  1. Oh my goodness thank you for saying this! I totally agree with you for both of those reasons. As great as some of the deals look, I know it’s definitely not something I need right at the moment. At this point, thrifty-ness is so much more important! Especially with a post-college-loans budget.
    Thank you SO much for posting this! 🙂


  2. You didn’t miss much. All my friends were going bonkers too. I looked but didn’t find any good deals. Instead, I checked out the Banana Republic Factory Store online sale and used my DSW coupon on their site with a coupon and I got 4 items similar to stuff I saw on the Nordstrom sale and I spent about $100. It would have cost me almost $300 had I shopped the NSale.

    I spent a lot of money in my 20s and was in a lot of debt (student loans, car payments, lots of travel and SHOPPING!!!!) When I was 28 years old I stopped spending cold turkey and dedicated as much of my income as I could to paying down my debt. My goal was to be debt free by 35. Not only did I pay off my debts sooner than I had thought I would be able to, I also realized all the CRAP I bought at the NSale and other shopping sprees wasn’t even in my closet or drawers anymore…. I considered that a waste of money. I spend way less on clothes now.


    1. I hear ya! I’m trying to live debt free too but just getting out of college with tons of loan debts makes it hard. I’ve avoided these sales simply because I know I can’t get be most bang for my buck there.


  3. I love this post! I had to be very thirfty while shopping the sale. I wanted those Tory boots but I knew it wouldn’t be a smart purchase because I’m still in school!

    Rachel | The Sass Room


  4. I love this post! I definitely had to budget myself for the sale and found myself getting wrapped up in the social media hype. I took a step back at times to ask myself whether I’d get enough use out of each item I was lusting over. Thanks for sharing & being so honest!



  5. Great post! I love that you are real and have to live like the rest of us. Some of the big bloggers are getting paid big bucks to showcase products that most of us can’t afford or wouldn’t buy anyway because we couldn’t justify spending that kind of money. Thanks for your blog. Love it!


  6. I’m with you! I only went online to buy something I really needed…Zella leggings. And then 3 days later I got an email saying they weren’t in stock when I purchased. I was super bummed, but unless there’s something I REALLY need or have been wanting for months, I’m not going to go buy it just because it’s on sale. Good for you girly!


  7. I actually haven’t shopped the sale either. There are things that I like, but I have taken on the philosophy that if I don’t love it, don’t get it whether it is on sale of full price.


  8. Loved this post and your honesty! I did shop the sale, but got items that I know I’d end up buying later on for full price and will wear over and over again. Also, the items I got were all under $100, so I definitely stayed away from the more expensive items. I totally hear you though and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to paying off those student loans and other debts, or just choosing to save that money instead!! Smart girl!!


    1. Thanks, Jaime! There’s nothing wrong with buying items you’ll wear over and over. That’s when it’s best to splurge on well made things!


  9. LOVE this! I didn’t shop the Nsale either, because sales bring me the same sort of joy.. “look how much I am saving” and while I dont have student loans I do have a wedding coming up and need to save for that. Plus honestly, I have three closets full of clothes that I hardly wear… I need to step up and gt my closets together! lol I wish I had thought of this for a blog post! So glad you wrote it!


  10. I adored this post!!! It’s REAL!! I actually started my #nsale post out with something similar. I truly believe these sales make people spend money they wouldn’t have spent and many end up regretting their purchases later. I did buy 2 things but one was something I have wanted for a couple of years (a faux leather moto jacket) and the other was a pair of jeans (I am a JEAN GIRL in the Fall and Winter) so I am completely comfortable knowing I will get so. much. wear. out of both purchases!!!



    1. It’s so true! If it’s for sale I’ll buy it when otherwise I never would have. You will get a lot of use out of that moto jacket and jeans though. Worth the purchase for sure!


  11. I love your self-control and how you stuck to your decision! It isn’t always easy, but I agree – in “real life” with “real budgets” constant splurges are simply out of the question… great deal or not. While I did purchase two staple items from the sale, I too have scaled back on my spending this year, and while it is hard at times, I feel so much better and more in control! Good for you and thank you for sharing!!!


  12. Love your perspective & I sincerely applaud your self-control. I’m actually quite embarrassed with how much I purchase and spent and am seriously rethinking my philosophy/motivation next year. Way to be thrifty, girl!



  13. Good job sticking to your guns! I agree, people getting excited about boots marked down to $300 and I’m like…every boot I own put together is probably less than $300. I just can’t justify that kind of spending. And you’re absolutely right-many things I’ve bought because they were cheap and 75% off I later regret.

    In the end, I shopped it, but only bought things after very careful editing that I knew I would wear over and over this year. I bought 3 essential fall/winter items: a peacoat, a pair of jeans, and a cardigan, all under $40 each.

    I try to remember that a lot of bloggers with huge followings that are making a lot of money off their blog full time are selling a fantasy to make a living. There’s nothing wrong with that-it just isn’t realistic for the rest of us!



    1. All my shoes together don’t add up to $300! It’s great you found some good items that you’ll actually wear a lot on sale though. Nothing wrong with that!
      I try to remember that too, they have to make a living but the lifestyle they are selling isn’t really affordable.


  14. Oh girl, I’m with you. I can’t spend $150 on boots. My boots typically run a max of $40, and I know I need to buy them no re frequently but that I can deal with. Now I have hinted at the husband for a couple of years that a pair of Frye boots would be nice…:) maybe one day, but that’s not today on this teacher salary!


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