Trending Style in Dallas: Athleisure Wear

pom pom dress cheap

Dress: MakeMeChic (link here) // Sunglasses: Old Navy // Bag: Kate Spade

Happy Monday girls! I can’t believe another Monday is here again. The days just seem to blend together now that I work full time and am busier than usual. Since October is coming to a close and the weather is still warm, I wanted to take advantage of it and highlight a favorite trend of mine- athleisure! What is athleisure you ask? It’s athletic wear (what you wear to the gym) combined with the comfort of leisure wear (what you wear when you get home after a long day!). This adorable cold-shoulder dress is from MakeMeChic and it’s only $23!

fall style in dallas

athleisure dresses

This dress is the ultimate in the new athleisure trend! It’s super soft and comfortable to wear. The pom pom detailing around the shoulders adds so much interest to the dress. I first saw another blogger I love wearing it with the cutest tennis shoes and I had to have it too. It looks just as cute paired with sandals though. And let’s be real, it’s super flattering!

neon accessories

Here in Dallas, the fall colors don’t ever appear so little touches of neon like the ones on my dress are appropriate year-round. I’m still adjusting to the lack of gorgeous leaves falling to the ground and copious amounts of girls walking around in riding boots and quilted J Crew vests. It just doesn’t seem like fall without it! Instead, I’m seeing where the athleisure trend is super strong here because it stays warm for so long. No point stocking up on sweaters when you can’t wear them. You’d think cowboy boots would be the go-to item but nope! Athletic wear from Lulu Lemon dominates the Dallas scene.

dallas style trends

dallas style bloggers

That last photo is from my blooper reel! My boyfriend, David, always gets the funniest photos of me and I had to share this one with you. Fashion blogging is lots of fun and I want to share the fun moments with you guys, no matter how goofy I look!

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