Easy Ways to Relax at Work feat. evian Facial Spray Giveaway!

ways to destressHi ladies! I hope your week is going well! With the holidays just a few weeks away, my stress level is going to an all time high and I tend to freak out easily. Since my job involves deadlines and time sensitive things, I have to schedule everything I do for clients around holidays. Sometimes I just have to take a step away from my desk and breathe. Other times, I give myself a mini pampering sesh right at my desk (or in my car if my boss is around!) using the hydrating evian Facial Spray Solution!

how to relax at work

Favorite Ways to Chill Out at Work

One of the best ways to relax at work in my opinion, is by doing a mini manicure! I spray the evian Facial Spray on my fingers to hydrate the cuticles before filing my nails. It makes them a little less rough and gives my tired fingers a chance to rest. After filing my nails, I paint a clear coat of polish on them!

Another way I decompress at work is by going outside and sitting in the sun. I spray on some evian and let it dry in the warm sun. There’s something so enjoyable about just relaxing and focusing on how beautiful a sunny day is. Since my face gets dry in the cold office air, I love having a hydrating facial spray to keep my skin from flaking!

Lastly, my hair gets rather flat and dry throughout the day (shocking, right?). To give it a little lift, I spray my evian Facial Spray in my hair and fluff it while it dries. It appears cleaner and freshly styled! More than likely, that morning I hadn’t styled it in the first place, but you’d never know it.

evian review

If you like evian products, then you’ll love the giveaway they’re doing! 20 winners will receive a professional and travel size bottle of evian Facial Spray (link here!) Be sure to enter and share with friends! Post a comment below with your favorite ways to relax at work, and if you’ve tried it, comment with how evian Facial Spray fits into your daily primping routine!

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