Home Manicure for Your Next Christmas Party

Happy hump day gals! It’s been a crazy few days decorating and getting ready for Christmas. I apologize if I seem absent but this time of the year is chaotic for me and most likely everyone else too! I’m actually getting to go back to my home town in Maryland tomorrow as an early Christmas present to my family. Is there anything better than being in your childhood bedroom again? I don’t think so!

In preparation for going home, I try to get myself looking my best because let’s be honest, you’re not only trying to look decent for your family but also all the other people you’ll end up running into! I bought some stick-on nails for my trip home and am totally loving them. Read on for more details!

I went to Target last weekend (no surprise there!) and was browsing the beauty aisle when I came across these stick on nails. Normally, nails like that just plain suck. However, a coworker told me how cute they were and how much she liked them so I gave them a try! They’re called Impress Nails and they look so good! Everyone has a Christmas or holiday office party to go to in the next few weeks and these are the perfect nails to sport while holding a plate of little munchies.

I’ll confess to you that I bite my nails a lot and they just aren’t presentable for a work function where I need to impress people. Impress Nails covers up my not so nice nails with professionally manicured-looking nails. I bought them for $5.99 and have gotten tons of compliments. During your next Target run, which will probably be tomorrow, pick up a set to try out. Choose one that features an accent nail like the gold glittery one on my ring finger, it adds so much!

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