Spring Style Trends in Dallas


Spring Fashion in Dallas

It’s almost spring here in Dallas and I’m really happy about the warmer temperatures we’re having! For a big part of the United States, spring doesn’t really happen until April. Here in Texas, it happens in late February. Some people really hate the year round heat, but for me the Texas heat is where it’s at! As you can imagine this Dallas blogger, was thrilled to break out a spring shift dress and a pair of heels. If no one else has been paying attention to fashion trends for spring, I can tell you that bright floral prints, stripes, and geometric shapes are really in! This dress has all of those things!

spring style trends

dallas brunch spots

I went out for brunch in Downtown Dallas with another blogger friend of mine (check her out here!) and we had a great time shooting some outfits right after brunch. Excuse my food baby if you can see it through my dress, but my french toast was too good! I’ll be writing about what brunch spot we went to in a few days, in the mean time leave me a comment with your favorite brunch spot in Dallas!

Kate Spade spring bags

stripes for spring

spring jewelry trends

shopping spots in DallasLet’s talk about my spring dress here! I have to admit that it’s a few years old and I found it at Old Navy, the gold mine of inexpensive trendy clothing. Like I said, stripes and bold colors like neon pink will be very fashionable this spring! I also paired my dress with a trendy palm leaf necklace from Francesca’s and matching stilettos from Ann Taylor.

I love this look because it’s a great transition outfit from winter to spring, plus who doesn’t look good in a classic shift dress? I’ll be writing more on spring style for 2017 in the next week or so, be on the lookout! Also, for the new bloggers out there, be sure to check out my consulting page for my free services!

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23 thoughts on “Spring Style Trends in Dallas

  1. Amanda Bella says:

    This dress is the cutest! Such a great ON find, they really are the gold mine for affordable & trendy clothes! PS — I am so jealous of your warm, Dallas temps! We’re patientlyyy waiting for Spring in CT. XO

    • Liz says:

      Old navy is definitely a go to for trendy items! I’m jealous of your CT autumns though! Blanket scarf season doesn’t last long in Texas!

      • Amanda Bella says:

        Aw, I wish Autumn lasted longer here too! Half of the season we still have Summer temps and then the other half the leaves have all fallen and we’re just waiting for snow lol.

  2. Maya D says:

    This is such a cute look for brunch and I’m in Florida and feeling the spring vibes in the air as well so I can totally relate. I love this beautiful city and the weather is always on par for the most part. I’m looking forward to the bold colors and prints this spring too, I can never get enough of spring fashion.

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