Weekend Getaway at a Texas Ranch Style House

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If you read my last blog post (link here!) then you’d know I got to spend the weekend on a beautiful ranch in East Texas for my birthday!! My super thoughtful boyfriend David rented a guest house on the 4D Guest Ranch with his sisters and a few friends for the weekend and we all got to stay and relax in Texas Hill Country!

Texas Hill Country Ranch

To say that we enjoyed our time is an understatement. We got to the guest house and it was a horse barn converted into a luxury getaway place. The main area had pretty chandeliers, cozy couches, and soft blankets to snuggle under as well as a huge projection screen to watch TV on. Our bedrooms were old horse stalls with the original sliding doors attached for privacy! Seriously, it was the neatest thing I’ve ever seen! Texas ranch style decor took on a whole new meaning for me.

We wandered around the ranch a bit admiring the rolling green hills and abundance of animals when we came across some cattle grazing in one of the fields. The neat part about the 4D Ranch is that the animals all roam free on the 900 acre property. Several horses and donkeys wandered right up to us and wanted a pet, which we gladly gave!

The rest of our time their was spent eating, sitting by a campfire, and just enjoying each other’s company. Usually I’m the kind of gal that has to be moving around, constantly doing things. This was the first time in years that I felt relaxed! It was the perfect spot to unwind and spend time with family. Be sure to check out the 4D Guest Ranch on Facebook to see more beautiful pictures!

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