4 Energizing Foods You Need for Your Work Week

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Oh happy days, another week is beginning! Not going to lie, I had a serious case of the Sunday scaries last night. There wasn’t one atom in my body that was excited to go to work. Honestly, I think most of us dread it not because of the work itself, but the lack of energy we have to start our week off. I sit at my desk for about an hour every morning trying to get the momentum to actually do something. Part of my energy problem is not eating the right food! Believe it or not, Captain Crunch isn’t packed with nutrients! So today, I’ve partnered with Power Up Snacks to share 4 different foods that pack a nutrient-filled energy punch!

Flax Seed Health Benefits

So… I jumped on the Flax Seed bandwagon but for a really good reason! Flax Seed is full of fiber and protein, two things I need more of in my diet. You can add it to yogurt, smoothies, soups, and even salads! Gourmet Nut’s Flax Seed is quite tasty and a yummy addition to my yogurt in the morning!

Healthy Trail Mix

Ahhh trail mix, the tasty sugary snack meant to be “healthy.” As a kid, my little trail mix creations certainly contained a lot of chocolate and no nutrition. My new go-to trail mix to munch on in the afternoon is Power Up Mega Omega! This healthy trail mix has walnuts and almonds packed with Omega-3’s, and dried mangoes and cranberries for antioxidants. Protein-packed pumpkin seeds are thrown in for a little extra something!

Edamame for Fiber and Protein

Edamame is one of my favorite things to snack on during the day! This dry-roasted edamame provides loads of protein and fiber to get you through your day. Seriously, this stuff is yummy and good for you! That’s a win for me!

Mineral-Rich Himalayan Pink Salt

Another bandwagon I’m jumping on is using Himalayan pink salt as a seasoning for my food. Regular table salt doesn’t provide many necessary minerals beyond iodine. Himalayan salt however, provides upwards of 84 natural minerals that our bodies need. Pink salt, I learned, can help regulate thyroid, balance your metabolism, and keep you hydrated among other things.

Getting to work and being excited to start the day will never happen for me, but having the energy to at least get moving and stay moving throughout the day is really nice. Give some of these yummy foods a try and let me know how you feel!

*all products are c/o. all opinions are my own

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19 thoughts on “4 Energizing Foods You Need for Your Work Week

  1. Great recommendations! I will definitely try the edamame since I like to have a mid day snack and it looks amazing… and of course has great benefits! Great post!


  2. I had never heard of edamame before! Interesting things to try. I have a pretty unhealthy diet (too many sweets). Will definitely look into these healthy alternatives. Thanks!


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