5 Things Successful Women Do

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Let me be honest here and say that I’ve never considered myself a “successful woman.” It was until recently that I thought to myself “hey, I guess I’m doing pretty good for someone my age.” I have a job, cat, nice apartment (see my apartment here!), sweet boyfriend, and an awesome blog if I do say so myself! But I spend a lot of time studying the habits of successful men and women and I’ve come up with a few takeaways from articles, books, and documentaries that I wanted to share with you!

1. Successful Women Never Stop Learning

College is wayyy over for me but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything new. Successful women read, take classes, go to seminars and conferences, and watch documentaries. They always seek out opportunities to learn from other people.

2. Successful Women Take Care of Themselves

I know what you’re thinking- work out, eat right blah blah blah. And that’s true. Successful people do something active everyday and eat healthy meals and snacks. I learned from a nutritionist that the more colorful your food is on the outside, the cleaner you are on the inside. Note: colorful food doesn’t include bright orange Cheetohs (though I wish it did) it means beautiful veggies and fruits.

3. Successful Women Have Schedules

I am the child of Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Believe me, I know all about regimented schedules and doing things at certain times. Frankly, I thrive on that lifestyle! I have my own little routine but if I had my druthers, I would have an hour by hour schedule for myself. At the very least I keep a planner, which successful women should!

4. Successful Women Use Good Manners

Good manners are for everyone but unfortunately, not everyone seems to demonstrate them. However, for women (and men) in the business world, having good social graces is important. Not only is it important for you to demonstrate proper etiquette in your own career, but if you’re attending a work function of your boyfriend or husband’s, it’s vital that you perform well there too (and the same goes for him). It’s important that both of you help each other in your careers!

5. Successful Women Use the Servant-Leadership Style

This style of leadership throws many people off. How can a leader also be a servant? Take a look at a prime example in history. Jesus Christ is one of the most famous leaders in history. He’s still remembered for His leadership style of putting others ahead of himself. He was a servant leader. Whether you’re the CEO or not, you have a duty to put those underneath of you in front of your own needs. Right after you close a major business deal, you must realize that you are not above sweeping a hallway or taking out the trash. That’s servant leadership.

Leave me a comment with your tips for becoming a successful woman!

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Successful Women Do

  1. I recently started taking care of myself. I started to run at least a mile everyday and, while I feel incredibly sore, I feel great! I feel more empowered! Have you read Girl Boss yet? I watched the Netflix series and din’t really like it, but I’m thinking about picking up the book. After all, the book is always better.


  2. I love how you pointed out “Social Grace”. I think this actually more of an art and I can attest to it going a long way even when you don’t expcet it (like at your husband’s/partner’s functions).


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