Styling Classic Button Ups (even when they won’t button!)


It’s Monday-funday! Said no one ever. I’m trying to give myself some energy every Monday by indulging in a good latte or posting a blog post full of pretty pictures, which I’m doing today! My wonderful photographer and I got these photos done a few weeks ago and I’m just now sharing them with you!

It’s one thing, however, to take great photos and another to actually do something with them. So today I wanted to chat about one of my favorite wardrobe classics- the button up- and how to style them when they won’t stay buttoned!

Keep it Together- Button Ups That Won’t Button

If you were “blessed” with a larger chest, then you know how difficult it can be to find and wear a button up shirt without the annoying fabric gaps or buttons that fly off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with a cute button up and tried it on only to realize that it won’t button without a gap somewhere. So annoying! I love classic Ralph Lauren buttons ups but I can’t wear them!

Instead of avoiding these tops altogether, I’ve learned to style them in different ways so I can still wear them! One of my favorite ways to wear this chambray shirt is just open with a white tank underneath! The key to wearing a button up open is making sure that you can easily tuck in a tank to your shorts or jeans. Since an unbuttoned button up is a loose fit, you need to balance it with something tighter underneath to keep it flattering.

I also took a tip I learned from a J. Crew stylist and applied it to this look- roll your sleeves up and leave the cuff exposed for a chic look. Isn’t it cute? 

Another great way to wear button ups is by buttoning the bottom buttons and doing a big statement necklace on top to really pull the look together. The necklace will draw the eye up from the unbuttoned buttons and put the focus closer to your face.

Probably my all-time favorite way to wear a button up though is wearing it underneath a sweater. It’s so classic preppy and the best part is, you can leave the top buttons unbuttoned because the sweater covers it up! Winning!

Outfit Details

Don’t ever feel like having a bigger chest should keep you from wearing the things you love. Sometimes you just have to figure out how to modify the style so it works for your body type. Nothing looks good on everyone! That’s why styling options are so important.

Ok, so outfit details! My chambray shirt is old but I’d recommend investing in this shirt! My shorts are on sale for… wait for it… $6.99!! Here’s the link! They have multiple colors and patterns so check them out! My sandals are Jack Rogers (link). Finally, the monogrammed clutch I get asked about so often is from Marley Lilly, however they don’t make it anymore! But here’s a cute alternative you’ll love (link)!


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