What I Bought and Thoughts on the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

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lilly pulitzer after party sale

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colorful outfit

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Top: Lilly Pulitzer  | White Denim: Ann Taylor  | Tassel Earrings: McCauley + Luck

Hello loves! I’m just going to launch right into this post because last weekend it was a hot topic in preppy southern circles and it will be again as people start receiving their orders- the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!! Holy guacamole. That was a crazy sale! I went to North Park Mall here in Dallas to shop the sale the day before it started in stores and it was chaos!

I always shop with the goal of only buying what I need (although my boyfriend will debate that statement) and never spending lots of money on things that I want. I went into the sale and there were tons of adorable dresses and tops but I came out with only two items- the top I’m wearing in these photos and the same one for my mom. In total, I spent $54 at the Lilly Pulitzer APS. Unheard of isn’t it?

One of the shoppers in line in front of me spent over $500 on the sale, and apparently that’s nothing compared to others! I love Lilly Pulitzer to death but at a certain point, I have to put a limit to how much I spend on the things I love… and I guess that limit this time around was $54!

What Lilly Pulitzer Could Change About the Sale

I went online to the sale about 7 hours after it started and the virtual line had over 100,000 people in it. I noped out of there so fast. Looking at the comments on Lilly’s Facebook page, I’m assuming everyone else was just as put off my that craziness. So here’s 3 things I wish they’d change about the sale

  1. Anything you put in your online shopping cart will be reserved for at lest 10 minutes.
  2. Let customers know about the sale a week or more before (that way we can put some money aside ahead of time.)
  3. Have a normal sale section on the website year round. It doesn’t need to be as steeply discounted as the After Party Sale, but just something that would allow customers to indulge themselves more than twice a year!

Please share your experience shopping the sale with me! I’d love to hear about what you got too! I always love seeing the bargains other people find! I linked everything I’m wearing above, comment with any questions!

Photo Credits: Luisa’s Secret Photography



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9 thoughts on “What I Bought and Thoughts on the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

  1. Ok, totally agree with the three things you would change. Another thing I noticed with this sale- in the past there were only certain styles on sale but all prints/colors in those style were included…..this time around, it seemed like just about every style was included BUT the sale only applied to one print or color! I almost bought the popover in lobster roll for full price because I didn’t see that lobster roll wasn’t in the sale! Some other print was in the sale. I feel like the sale makes your rush and its easy to make a mistake like that. Love the top, I got the same print in a sleeveless!


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