What Working 60 Hours a Week Does to Your Body

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a more personal post with all of you about my job, health, and just a general life update. Normally, I like to talk about happy things like I did in my previous post, but sometimes life is more serious than that. It’s a little weird being so vulnerable on the Internet with people who I don’t really know that well so stick with me here!


When you begin to feel exhausted, you feel your body and your mind kind of shut down. Your body has no energy, all you want to do is sleep. Your mind has no creative thoughts either. It sucks the life out of you. Long work weeks kill your brain power and make you more susceptible to sickness. I’ve had such a difficult time writing this blog lately because all of my brain power is used up during my work day leaving nothing for when I want to blog at night.


I’m genetically prone to being depressed and I’m certainly not alone in that. Unfortunately, it’s been proven that people who work excessively are also prone to depression, so between my work load and genetics, depression is definitely real for me. Of course, there are various depths of depression. The depression I experience from time to time is closely tied to my lack of energy and sleep.

Weight Gain

Oh my goodness. I stress eat like crazy! Any chip or slice of cheese in sight is mine and there’s nothing anyone can do to keep it away from me. Food comforts me and gives me a diversion from my problems. I’ve gained quite a few pounds since starting my new job. Of course, I’m grateful for any opportunity to gain experience in my career, but at a certain point (aka when I start gaining weight) it has to stop. I’m no longer gaining anything but weight.


Certain sudden sounds, people’s voices, traffic, a sock on the floor, anything can just set me off! David’s thudding around annoys me more than it normally does and dishes in the sink drive me crazy. When you work 60 hours a week, everything starts to upset you. I’d love to be the relaxed person I was before, but until I learn to manage my work and my life, relaxation is off the table.

Please share your experiences with me. Have you ever been exhausted from working so much?

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9 thoughts on “What Working 60 Hours a Week Does to Your Body

  1. There was a stretch when I had to work 6 days a week. I didn’t clock 60 hours, but I felt the strain. Forgetfulness started to creep in and the work got sloppy. If you have a chance to take an extra day off in the month, do it. It’ll do wonders.


  2. I used to work probably more than 70 hours per week – sitting at a desk like that is terrible! Also, my family and friends (who had time for friends) were really upset with me. Thankfully, I began to step away from my desk and at my husband’s insistence, joined a gym. I met a friends there and started a website where I share my experiences – it’s been a great learning experience and I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people. And hopefully what I share is helping people that were like me – I was to the point I couldn’t even reach behind me without pain, now I understand how important moving is!! So be sure to get up from your desk and stretch once in awhile – there are some great office exercise books you can tree too! 🙂


  3. It sounds like you are putting in way too many hours at this job. As my mom would say, “Remember, Lincoln freed the slaves.” I hope you can find something else that doesn’t require so many hours and so much stress too. You are a bright girl!


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