How to Wear Floral Prints This Fall (and a favorite fall memory of mine!)

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wearing florals in fall

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white denim in fall

Happy Hump Day everyone! Getting to Wednesday is like an uphill battle but once I’m there, it’s golden! I wanted to chat about how to wear floral prints in fall. Similar to wearing white after Labor Day, people think you can’t or shouldn’t. I beg to differ. When done tastefully, it can be really pretty!

Choose the Right Color Scheme

In the spring, we think of pastel color schemes and Easter egg-like patterns. In the fall, we think of warm, rich burgundies and deep blues. When wearing floral during the fall, the color scheme you choose makes a difference! For example, the top I’m wearing from Social Seams Boutique features a series of dark blues, reds, and yellows. It works really well for October because it blends in with the colors and elements we already associate with the season. Also, use code Fall15 to get 15% off my top!

Choose the Right Floral

The colors matter but so do the actual flowers themselves. Choose patterns that features flowers that are typically found in the fall. Don’t attempt to wear something with a hibiscus plant on it or some other tropical, summery flower. It just doesn’t work. Go with traditional fall flowers!

Fall Memories

Whenever I think of fall flowers, I think of chrysanthemums. Every fall, my mom and I would go to the Amish market near our house and pick out a few mums to put on the front steps at our house. Usually, we’d choose the bright yellow mums but occasionally we’d venture out and buy burgundy. I can’t picture an autumn without mums on our front steps! Now that I have my own apartment, incorporating these flowers into my seasonal decor is a must!

Outfit Details

As I mentioned earlier, my top is from Social Seams and is only $24.99! I love that its an off the shoulder top and that it buttons up the front. I think it adds a little uniqueness to it! My white denim jeans are from Lucky Brand and they’re the Bridgette Skinny. I can’t find them on the website anymore (they were on clearance at the store) however my favorite fit is the Charlie Skinny. I’m linking this fit’s white denim skinny jeans that are similar to mine and just so happen to be on sale for $30! My red bag is from Coach (now called Tapestry?) and is super old but still a fall favorite of mine!

Comment with your tips for wearing floral prints during the fall! I love hearing from you guys!

*this post contains affiliate links and my top was gifted. All opinions are my own!

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