Bargain Hunter Finds and 3 Reasons to Shop Small Business This Christmas

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s been a super long week for me so I’m thrilled that its finally the weekend. Tonight David’s taking me to the Dallas Arboretum to see Christmas lights and I couldn’t be more excited! Normally, I have to drag him to those sorts of things but this time he surprised me with tickets! We’re going to get bundled up and sip cocoa to stay warm though- it’s cold in Dallas! But weather changes quickly in Texas, so I haven’t put away this purple party dress yet!

I got this dress on clearance at the Woven Boutique in San Antonio for a steal- $15! I’m still impressed that I got that good of a deal on it because it’s truly one of my favorite dresses! I wore it to a wedding in October and then to brunch a few weeks ago with the Dallas Girl Gang (join our group on Facebook!) With all the Christmas parties coming up and New Year’s Eve gatherings, it’s the perfect dress to wear.

3 Reasons to do Your Holiday Shopping at Small Businesses

As I’ve said in previous posts, small businesses are so important to me! David and I have good friends that run small businesses (check out Anderson Road Co. for AH-MAZING deals right now!) and supporting them is really important to us. Here are 3 reasons why you should shop for Christmas gifts at small businesses!

Support Your Local Economy

I’ve taken an economics class or two and read tons of books on economic theory for different internships I’ve done and reinvesting money into your own community’s economy is important. When my great grandad shut down his service station years ago it was because big, chain gas stations moved into town and people took their business there because prices were cheaper. That’s just what happens sometimes and my great grandad understood that (and he was ready to retire.)

However, being able to invest my money into small businesses with unique items and fantastic customer service is good for them and the people they employ!

Find Unique Gifts

I can walk into Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, and Kate Spade and know exactly what I’m going to find. But in a boutique, it’s always a surprise and that’s part of the fun! Lord knows I’ve bought enough B&B Works candles and body lotion to gift for the next 20 years of my life, so something a little different is always nice to give.

Develop Relationships

As a fashion blogger, networking is a huge part of success. The more people you know, the better off you are. I’ve reached out to big brands before and obviously gotten no response. On the flip side though, small business are far more likely to respond or at least acknowledge you. I love working with them specifically because their customer service is better and I can have a relationship with the owner.

Leave a link to your small business’ website or to one of your favorites! Happy shopping!


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