These Valentine’s Themed Items Have Me Swooning!

Be MineValentine

I’m seriously swooning over every pink and red thing here! Between the Sur la Table mug and that cute little Valentine’s tree from Kohl’s- I’m going to buy so many things I have nowhere to put! I can’t help but love every holiday- especially Valentine’s Day! So I had to share these adorable love-day items that I found while browsing over the weekend. As much as my boyfriend would like to believe that Valentine’s Day is made up, its totally not! It has historical origins, however those origins didn’t involve lots of pink and red everywhere, which is how my apartment is going to look soon!

This weekend I’m painting my nails red, hanging up my Valentine’s garland, and buying myself a big heart wreath to put on our front door! Also taking a trip to Kate Spade to check out that adorable purse! Like seriously, who comes up with this stuff on their creative team??

Share with me your Valentine’s Day plans if you have any! Also I’d love your suggestions on what David and I should do!

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

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