10 Things Women with Bra Problems Understand

big breast problems

big breast problems

Bras. The worst, or maybe the best, clothing creation ever. Anyone who’s ever had to go shopping for one, try one on, or be measured for one knows how difficult it can be finding one that fits just right. I got my first bra when I was 10 and that sports bra served me well. Now, however, the options are endless and yet so limiting! For some women, finding a bra that fits is easier than it is for others, particularly if you don’t have as much to keep lifted. Women like myself routinely have bra problems that come in all forms and manifest themselves at different times. Let’s talk through 10 issues that women have with their bras.

1. Stores not carrying your size

When you walk into Victoria’s Secret and they measure you then say they don’t have your size and that you need to order online, it’s so disappointing. Granted, I rarely have this problem but I know a lot of other women who can’t try on bras in store simply because their sizes aren’t available. You’d think a bra store would have a wider range of bra sizes, but apparently not.

2. Trying to wear a bralette

HA! Nope, for me and other many other women the cute little bralettes are just not an option for several reasons. Namely because they’re meant to be cute, not really supportive and also because they come in small, medium, and large. None of these sizes usually work for me.

3. Running

Running is one of those things that I just can’t do without wearing multiple sports bras at once to keep everything in its place. Really anything that requires me to move fast will also warrant multiple bras. Why? Because when your chest keeps falling and hitting you again and again it tends to hurt a little!

4. Wearing strapless anything

Yeah I know they make strapless bras to wear under strapless dresses and tops but do you really think those things stay in place? After about an hour of wearing one, my strapless bra becomes more of a belt. No thank you.

5. Swimsuit shopping

Lord knows that this can be a nightmare. Forget the cute little bikinis some gals can wear- heavy duty suits are a must. My first “two-piece” when I was 13 was a women’s section navy blue number from Land’s End. Yeah, talk about a super cute swimsuit for a summer at the pool with my flat-chested friends. It sucked and still does.

6. Padding in bras

Do you really think I need that? Nope. I don’t need that in any way, shape, or form. The more padding in a particular bra style, the larger the cup size I’m going to need. It’s just not helpful.

7. Button-up shirts

I love classic button-ups but I hate the button aspect. I usually wear a size medium shirt, however I have to go a size up for button-ups if I don’t want the buttons to constantly pull and eventually fall off. While it may fit around my chest, rest assured my waist will look non-existent and I know I’m not the only one with that issue!

8. Bra strap marks

When you head to bed and fling off your bra the first thing you’ll notice after your moment of freedom is the deep, red marks on your shoulders from the straps. I’m sure most bra experts will say its a fitting issue, which it very well may be, however I’ve never not had a bra that did that.

9. Worrying you’ll accidentally flash someone if you bend down

No matter what kind of top it is (except turtleneck) bending down to pick something up can be a dangerous sport. I don’t want to flash anyone and I certainly don’t want anyone staring because its awkward and rude.

10. Wishing you could trade body parts with someone else

Every woman at one point or another has wished they could trade what they perceive as their undesirable body part with someone else. You know how backless or low-back dresses look so cute during the spring? I’d love to be able to trade my chest for a smaller one so I could wear one of those dresses!

Most people have something about themselves that bothers them or inconvenient and this so happens to be mine. Sure, we should all be thankful for the bodies we were given, but that’s easier said than done no matter what size we are! Share your bra problems in a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “10 Things Women with Bra Problems Understand

  1. After reading this, I felt like you knew me! I have had these exact same problems all of my life. It is so frustrating! While I am not as large as Dolly Parton or as rich, I’d love to know who makes her bras and shirts. Why can’t some manufacturer do that for the rest of us? Good blog!


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