Target Dollar Spot Spring Finds Under $5!

Happy almost spring everyone! Its been so warm and sunny here lately that I can’t help but want to drag out the Easter/spring decorations and turn my house into a giant Easter egg! Every season I try to do a blog post on cute things I’ve found in the Target Dollar section that you guys might like. I was really excited by everything they had in stock for this coming spring!

Favorite Dollar Spot Items

When I walked into my local Target I smiled at the security guard at the door and then saw the Dollar Spot and my eyes lit up! He cracked up as I scurried over there and started snapping pictures of everything. Probably my favorite find was the adorable “Beach Life” tumbler! How darn cute is that? Especially for $5!Β 

I also was immediately drawn to those fake Easter egg trees to put on my desk at work (only $3!) I love a ton of greenery in my apartment during the spring and summer just because it freshens up the place. Unfortunately, nothing usually lives when I’m tasked with taking care of it – so fake flowers and little trees are my go to!

Another favorite of mine was the note cards and stationary set. I routinely write to David’s grandma just to say hi and having pretty stationary makes it so much more fun!

Share with me any of your recent Target Dollar Spot finds! I always love to be on the look out for fun goodies!

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