5 Things to do Before You Get Engaged

engagement ring

Hey everyone! Happy almost spring! A lot has been going on lately with me starting a new job and now David and I are getting ready to move so I’ve just been hanging on for the ride here lately. In other news however, the subject of getting engaged has finally come up! I’m not sure when, where, or how but we like to be on the same page about everything and this is something you can’t just be nonchalant about.

Not gonna lie, a few months ago I went into a jewelry store and tried on a ring or two (more like 10) just for fun whence the photo above. For clarification purposes, no the ring in the photo is not mine, Kay Jewelers let me try it on and dream a bit! I’ve been talking to engaged friends and reading every Wedding Bee article about engagement etiquette and that sort of thing, so for ladies that are getting engaged soon, here are 5 things to do before you get engaged!

Make Sure You Both are on the Same Page

Almost every girl I know is just a tad more excited to get engaged than their guy is. Not that he isn’t excited at all, but ladies just enjoy finally making their wedding Pinterest boards a reality! So don’t jump the gun on wedding planning just yet, make sure you’ve talked about it and agree on a time frame and other details.

Look at Rings Together

While you don’t have to go into an actual store (although that can be fun too!) be sure to browse ring styles together so you both know what you like. More importantly, decide on the appropriate budget. Every couple will handle this important subject differently but since finances are a big part of marriage, you may as well get the hang of it with this major purchasing decision.

Set Realistic Expectations for Yourself

I tend to dream when it comes to major life events like this, which is totally fine! However, reality often dictates how life goes. Before you even get engaged, understand that friends’ and family’s financial status might inhibit them from celebrating the engagement, attending parties, or even the wedding.

I’m a firm believer that no one that’s in or attending a wedding should go into serious debt for it. As much as someone may love you, understand that going to (or even throwing) the bridal shower etc. might be too costly for them. This will save you from any hurt feelings down the road!

Keep Those Nails Manicured!

It’s my worst nightmare that my nails are gross when David asks me to marry him. You can’t take a good ring photo when you have dirt under your nails. Just ew. If you don’t want to keep paying for professional manicures, my advice is to keep them clean and tidy with just a clear coat on top and regular nail filing!

Answer all the Big Questions

Big questions like how you’ll handle money, if you’ll go to church, or whether you’ll have kids are pretty important things to talk about. So talk about them to make sure you at least know where each other is coming from and what expectations they have for your future together. Its better to know the answers to these things before getting engaged rather than being surprised after!

Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more from me on this subject in the future! Until then, leave a comment with your best engagement advice! 


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