Cinco de Mayo Must-Haves & Why Culture Impacts Style


Cinco de Mayo is this weekend! I never knew how big this day was until I moved to Texas. Similar to St. Patrick’s Day when everyone pretends to be Irish, the 5th of May is when everyone pretends to be Mexican. Dallas has Lord knows how many parties dedicated to the holiday, most of which revolve around tacos, guacamole, and fresh margaritas.

Saturday David and I will be finishing our move and spending most of the day at the apartment getting stuff out (including hauling our old couch downstairs so someone can pick it up) and cleaning everything up. But in case you’ll be celebrating with a sombrero on your head or hosting a backyard shindig, I put together this visual guide for you.

I mean how cute are those margarita-inspired Soludos?! I thought they would be so festive paired with the top and shorts! One of my favorite things on here though, is that taco stand. I’m really considering ordering that, it would solve a lot of my food problems.

Why Culture Impacts Style

I never really thought much about why we wear what we wear. Why do I love espadrilles and leather riding boots? Why do I love plaid skirts and Fair Isle sweaters? It’s not just a matter of style preference, it’s something that draws me in and makes me excited to wear it! The fashion statements and trends that make their way down the runway are all inspired by cultures with interesting designs, patterns, and fabrics.

Cinco de Mayo is a prime example of how people embrace a culture’s customs and choice of dress and make it their own. I think that’s a trademark of style- you have to add small personal touches without compromising the integrity of the clothing.

This weekend when you see women sporting beautiful Mexican embroidery on their tops and dresses, think of the hundreds of years of tradition that inspired their style. Be thankful that we have choices in what we wear for every occasion!

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