Feeling Better: How Life Circumstances Made a Big Difference

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You don’t always realize how your inner health (mental and physical) can change the your outward beauty, but it totally can! I never noticed how sad and sick I looked a few months ago until someone commented on a recent photo of mine and said “wow, you look so much happier and healthier now!” I was caught off guard in a good way by that comment. I did look, feel, and sound better! So what changed? My entire life.

I Changed Jobs

I’ve said in previous blogs how my last job was just a nightmare for my entire being. Late nights, weekends, a boss that liked to yell at me for every little thing, and then more work and stress than you can imagine. A living hell for me. After 9 months of enduring it, I have my two week’s notice with no job lined up. 4 days later a miracle happened and I was offered a new job that paid a lot more money and promised less stress. I accepted immediately and haven’t regretted it once.

I feel about 100 times better in mind, body, and spirit! I had no idea how miserable I was before. I totally lost all of my joy. Now, my stress is pretty much gone and I can live my life again!

I Started Taking a Probiotic

Ahhh the wonders of a probiotic. I never paid any attention to gut health or vitamins or supplements. I always thought that stuff wasn’t for me. Then my coworker introduced me to RenewLife probiotics. Literally, a life changer! I’ve always had bloated belly problems, gross right? It didn’t matter what I ate, even a salad could make my stomach blow up like a balloon. It got to a point where I wouldn’t wear anything remotely tight or form fitting because I knew I’d like huge in it.

Enter probiotic supplements. The bacteria in your digestive tract can sometimes be a little lacking and a probiotic will help replenish it. I just take a vitamin in the morning and the bloating stays away all day. If you have the same problem, I highly recommend you get the probiotic I use (talk with your doctor first though!)

I Finally Saw a Doctor

Lord what it takes to get me to go to a doctor is crazy. I avoid them like the Black Death. But I finally went. I had been having bad anxiety and depression for awhile and had been trying to cope without medication and I simply couldn’t anymore. My hip was also causing me a ton of pain! The doctor sat down with me and spent tons of time answering questions and going over symptoms. She recommended a low dosage of anxiety medication as well as anti inflammatory medication for my hip.

Boom. Just like that I feel a ton better! Usually anxiety medication takes awhile to really have an impact but I already feel ten times better! My hip is also improving but will need an x Ray. Fun stuff. I’m so excited to get back in the gym and workout again though! It’s amazing what a doctor who listens can do for you.

So yay! I’m feeling better! These little and big changes made a massive difference in my quality of life!

Bonus: I’m wearing cute clothes again! My top is on sale for $19 at J Crew and my shorts are a steal at Target for $16!

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