5 Summer Closet Staples You’ll Wear Again and Again


marley lilly monogrammed bag

Hey everyone! I don’t know about where you are but summer is in full swing here in Texas. It’s hot and getting hotter every day. I don’t understand how people lived out here before air conditioning. It’s just too hot. However, the heat also means I have an excuse to by clothes appropriate for it- so that’s a plus! I’ve been going through my closet and figuring out what I need more of and I’ve discovered that there are a few things that come back year after year.

Gingham Patterns

Gingham is great year round but bright blues and reds are the best in summer and have been worn by women every year since I don’t know when! My gingham skirt was only $9.99 and you can get it at Target (its sold out online.)

Jack Rogers Sandals

These never get old and Jackie Kennedy wore them on multiple occasions. Need I say more? I often buy mine used on eBay but always check online for sales (I’m loving these ones right now!)

Mexican Embroidery

I do not know if there’s a proper term for the patterns and kind of embroidery but here in Texas, gorgeous Mexican embroidery adorns everything. My tote bag in the picture above is an example of that, although probably doesn’t do it justice!

Brightly Colored Tees

They go with shorts, cut offs, pencil skirt, and much more. Buy multiple when you find one you like. I’m a huge fan of J Crew cotton tees, which I’m wearing in bright yellow! I’d totally look like a bumble bee if I had worn black shorts, and yes- that makes me laugh!

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

They come back every summer because they’re a classic pattern. I’ll never wear actual tortoiseshell (I like turtles too much!) but the pattern is a favorite of mine for sunglasses! I’m loving these ones right now!

Start stocking up for the summer heat! There are a lot of good semi annual sales coming up and I’ll be sharing my favorite sales as they’re announced. So get ready!

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