Wedding Planning: Who Knew it was so Crazy? 

klyde warren park engagement

David and I have been engaged for a little over two weeks now and yes- I’m still ecstatic! (Read our engagement story here!) Our initial plan (ok my plan) was to wait a few months before we really start wedding planning. But all it took was me downloading the Wedding Wire app and browsing venues to throw me into planning mode! Having just begun this process, I don’t know much but what I do know is that it’s crazy. Here’s why.

The Pressure from Venues

I know venue coordinators are in the business of booking events and making a sale. Totally get that. But I really feel the pressure when they’re telling me that the month we’re hoping to get married is already booking up a year and a half in advance. Of course they might just be saying that to get us to make a decision quickly but I don’t know that for sure! So yeah, the pressure is on!

Coordinating Dress Shopping Dates

My family and most of my friends live in Maryland and I live in Dallas. David’s family lives in San Antonio. So where do I go dress shopping and when? I could go home and do it but then there’s the ordeal of getting the dress back to Dallas and finding a seamstress. Dallas just seems like the obvious choice because I live here, but then my mom and maid of honor will have to fly down here and David’s mom and sisters will have to drive up to Dallas. And then when do I even dress shop? In a few months? I have no idea!

Finding a Dress

So maybe this isn’t so much craziness in wedding planning but the anxiety finding a dress gives me. I’ve always had a vision of the perfect dress for me- ball gown with a tulle skirt, neckline that goes to my collar bone with thin straps that slope down over my shoulders into a low back dress. Not too crazy, right? But my overly anxious mind is like “what if you look fat in that or what if you can’t find any dress?!” Realistically, I know something will work eventually, but until then I’m just going to sit and worry about it.

The Costs of a Wedding

Our budget isn’t small but we’re also not looking to spend our entire yearly salaries on our wedding either. Browsing vendor pricing for everything, I was so surprised at how much something as simple as table and chair rentals cost. You want how much for a crappy plastic folding chair?! Apparently these prices are standard but I mean, really?

In the end, I think every couple gets over the sticker shock of everything and learns to coordinate a wedding as best as they can.  As a total control freak though, this might be the biggest challenge ever.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Who Knew it was so Crazy? 

  1. You got this, girl! I had to go dress shopping without my mom and it was hard for both of us, but we ended up going to get my sister’s MOH dress and my accessories together later and I think that made up for it!Try on lots of different styles because honestly, it’s just fun getting to try them all on! When else will you get to do that? I’m sure you’ll find the perfect dress. I can’t WAIT to see your wedding photos, you’re going to be stunning! (Mostly because you already are! <3)



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