Blogger Takeaways From Everything Content & Social Digital Summit

Hey everyone! Recently, I went to the Everything Content and Social: Digital Summit here in Dallas where speakers talked about, you guessed it, everything content! I like to say that by day I’m a content and SEO specialist, but by night I’m a blogger. Rarely do these two aspects of my life intersect (and I like it that way) but on the occasion that they do, I’m gonna blog about it!

I thought I’d share with you a few of my big key takeaways from the event’s speakers. Some of the takeaways surprised me and they may surprise you too!

Facebook Live is Huge

Going live on Facebook is incredibly important to engaging followers on your page. I think one of the speakers said that this kind of video performs 60% better than other videos (don’t quote me on the number but I know it was very high!) This surpised me because going live is far less predictable and certainly not as curated as other forms of content. Do people actually like this? Apparently so. Authenticity in content creation is more important than ever!

I can relate to wanting my favorite bloggers to be more authentic. I don’t want to see your perfect white home and your massive closet full of shoes. I want to see the girl that’s wearing the shoes and how she’s stepped in gum and can’t get it off her shoes because that’s my struggle too! I relate to this! Seeing it live is even better (and funnier.)

Don’t Create Crap

One of the first speakers of the day talked about how one of Thomas Edison’s first short films was attended by socialites, politicians, and other important people- all dressed to the nine’s as my grandma would say. You know what the film featured? Men shoveling garbage! Seriously. But a “moving picture” had never been done before so people loved it. After awhile, the novelty wore off and other filmmakers that tried to create similar movies didn’t get much attention.

The same thing happens with content we create. It’s not interesting to blog about the top 10 restaurants in Dallas because it’s been blogged about hundreds of times and no one cares anymore. To be successful, we have to create new, exciting content!

Work With the Facebook Algorithm

You can’t “hack” or beat Facebook’s new algorithm but you can work with it. Facebook announced it was going to go back to favoring people over brands (like the original Facebook we all loved.) This means that what you share, comment on, and react to is going to have more weight than ever before.

For example, if you’re friend shares a funny meme and you react with a “haha” and then go comment on it, Facebook is going to make sure more people see that meme. Better yet, if you and your friend have a back and forth conversation in the comments section of the meme, Facebook will value the meme even higher!

Creating content on Facebook that’s designed to get reactions and get people talking will help you work with the algorithm instead of against it!

There’s so much more I could share with you, but these were the biggest things I took away from the conference! It was awesome to be with other content marketers that understand how hard it can be to constantly create. It’s exhausting! Let me know your thoughts or experiences with any of these takeaways! 

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