Dressing Rooms are Scary for Some Women- I’m One of Them

Hey lovelies! On Witty n Pretty, I try to not only share my style but also what’s on my heart with all of you. Sometimes it’s my favorite trends of the season and then other times it’s a post about battling depression. Lately, my mind has centered around body image and the problem I have with my own. So today, I’d love to dive into this topic a bit and just feel free to be open about it with you!

What is Body Image?

Body image is how we perceive ourselves, whether factual or not, in the mirror. So many people struggle with negative body image, including myself. My fiancé always catches me looking in the mirror making fun of myself by doing “fat faces” or grabbing my stomach and rolling my eyes. He always tells me I’m beautiful and there’s nothing he would change about me but guess what? There’s plenty I would change about me! My negative body image ensures that whenever someone jokingly asks me if I’d ever get plastic surgery, I have a list of things I’d have fixed to spout off! How sad, right? But it’s the truth. Body image is almost always associated with negativity.

Dressing Room Anxiety

With body image issues comes shopping for clothing issues. These two go hand in hand and feed off of each other. No matter what you want to buy, the negativity in your mind will convince you that it doesn’t look good. I’ll be totally honest, trying on pants, skirts and shorts absolutely terrifies me! Every time I turn around my hips have gotten bigger and my stomach is more bloated than the day before. I value being my current size (I’m an 8) but I see myself being pushed further away from that number than ever before. And yes, I’m really bothered by it!

So trying on clothing can be a real test of will for me and I imagine many others.

Setting Realistic Expectations

This is not my forte. I like to excel in everything I do and not having the perfect body and wardrobe feels like I’m a failure. But I 100% realize how important it is for everyone to have realistic expectations about how their bodies react to better nutrition, exercise, and so on. More importantly, I know we should set realistic expectations for how we look in clothing.

J Crew is one of my favorite stores to shop in but no matter what, I’ll never be a size 8 in their shorts. In Target’s Universal Thread line, I’m an easy size 8. I have no idea why this is the case, but it is. However, I can wear a size 8 skirt in J Crew. Unfortunately, I focus in on what I can’t wear versus what I can. It’s so silly!

This isn’t a post where I tell you how to fix your body image issues, because truthfully I can’t even fix my own. But this is a post for anyone looking to see if someone else understands how they feel when they step into a dressing room full of anxiety. I do! And when I was putting on the outfit above, I was scared the shorts wouldn’t fit- but they did. Little victories matter!

PS. You can find my shorts here and a similar top to mine here!

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

One thought on “Dressing Rooms are Scary for Some Women- I’m One of Them

  1. Girl, what you just described is basically me! Save for the size 8; I’m currently fluctuating between a size 10 and a size 12. Whenever I try on clothes though-even those in my own closet-I get pretty discouraged when my shorts or pants are a bit too tight for comfort and my shirts make me look like a tent. Normally after this, my next destination is the fridge/pantry. I am very prone to stress-eating. It is totally a habit that I am working on eliminating, but it’s so hard too, because it’s so easy to do!
    All of this is to say that I hear you, and I’m so grateful for this blog post. It was very real and honest, and I super appreciate that. You can do it, girl! We are in this together!


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