Small Ways to Add Your Story to Your Home

star map

map of love story

Hey everyone! As fall approaches, I’ve been adding more and more little cozy touches throughout my home to create that “autumn” feel I love so much. Is it premature to do this since its 100 degrees out still? You betcha. But I love making a house feel like a home and there’s nothing “homier” to me than coziness.

One important way I’m adding my personal cozy touch to my living room is by incorporating David and I’s love story. How cheesy right? Wrong! Its adorable! I don’t like having a ton of photos around the house of us, so when I got this star map from Modern Map Art of the night sky the night we met, I was really excited.

David and I met in Fairfax, VA on April 15, 2015. We were able to incorporate this special day into our home with a map of how the stars looked that night in Fairfax. When the map came in the mail, I ran to Michael’s to get a frame for it before hanging it in our living room. Paired with the warmth of our leather couch, a flannel throw, and some pillows and a cup of morning coffee- the map makes it feel just like home! And home is where the heart is.

Eventually when I have more wall space and a landlord who doesn’t mind holes in the wall, I’ll probably add some black and white photos of us to go around the map! I love black and white photos in a thin gold or silver frame. It’s elegant but still personal.

If you’re looking for a good wedding or anniversary gift for someone (or yourself!) then a custom map print would be a great gift! It adds a lot of personality to any space without being over the top.

*this is a sponsored post. all opinions are my own.

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