About Me

I’m a Maryland girl with a witty personality. I love to write, shop, travel, drink coffee, and show others how to live a beautiful life for less! Everything I do is on a budget and what I share with you will always be budget friendly. I’m not a millionaire and neither are you, but there’s no reason we can’t live well!

You’ll find that my style is a mix of classic pieces with a dash of trendy. I love brand names but I realize not everyone can afford them. I’ll be sharing with you my good fashion finds at great prices. No one has to be a millionaire to enjoy this blog! That’s a promise. 

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good senior pictures

192 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thisismegane says:

    Hi there you recently liked a post of mine all about vogues covers? I was just wondering how you found my blog as I’m always looking for ways to branch out to people, love your blog! Have lovely day 🙂

  2. randyjw says:

    Thank you. I know it’s not your forum here, so I won’t intrude on your audience, but if anyone ever has any questions or would like some information, I’d be happy to try my best to help find an answer.

  3. randyjw says:

    Hi, Liz! I’m a newcomer here, and looking forward to visiting with you and your blog! I’m not a shopper but can appreciate style, fashion, design, visual arts, etc. I also love bargains, DIY, helpful tips, etc. And cats! Glad you loved my post about cats! But I usually write about serious things (Israel, etc. It’s my obsession). Here I go to look around… 🙂

    • Liz says:

      I’m so glad, Brandie! I just can’t stand people (namely big-name bloggers) promoting products that their readers can’t even remotely afford!

      • thestripedcoyote says:

        Same…it’s also a pet peeve of mine to see big name bloggers promoting products they probably wouldn’t even buy themselves because of the price tag! Big respect to those who keep it real!

      • Liz says:

        Oh my goodness yes! Or promoting products that don’t match their usual content at all. I saw one promoting Dove when she usually only uses things from high end stores.

  4. Tony says:

    HI, Liz! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the six doctors post. As a coffee drinker, I am enjoying my visit to yours. Keep up the good work!

    • Liz says:

      I’ve heard the Atichison store is amazing and a little cheaper than the Briar Cliff store. The owner posted my blog post on her Facebook page and people were surprised that I said it was out of my price range. Everyone said it was “affordable” so maybe I went to the wrong store!

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