Explaining Your Anxiety to People Who Don’t Understand

explaining anxiety to people

Anxiety is… being excited for a new job but worried about driving to it. Anxiety is… being afraid to be excited about something because then it might not happen. Anxiety is… avoiding open spaces because you feel vulnerable. Anxiety is… replaying a conversation in your head and thinking you said something dumb.  Anxiety is so […]

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What to Expect for Mental Health in April

what to expect for april mental health

Hey everyone! March was certainly a month no one could have predicted and it’s left all of us reeling wondering what’s to come in April. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to that but, I can tell you what you might expect for your mental health! Hint: it’ll be ups and downs as usual. The […]

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20 Activities To Do During Self-Quarantine

20 things to do when youre stuck at home

Hey everyone, how are you holding up? Since last Saturday, I’ve pretty much spent every single night in bed watching tv and coloring a cat-themed coloring book (don’t judge, it’s awesome). But I’m finally at my wit’s end with my sedentary lifestyle. I NEED something to do, which inspired this post. Next to the virus […]

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