Cozy Sweater Under $30


west village dallas
red sweater in west villageIt’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything! Life gets really busy and frankly its easier to update my Instagram than sit down and write a blog. Lately, I’ve been trying to focus more on filling my closet with winter staple items I’ll wear again and again. I found this sweater for $26 at Nordstrom Rack and had to share it with you! Normally, I wait until something goes on 70% off clearance before I’ll buy it (I’m a very serious bargain hunter) but in this case, I figured this red sweater would be something I’d wear a lot this year. And now I wear it once a week!

Its super chunky and perfect to wear on days where your jeans aren’t fitting quite right! It comes in 3 other colors I believe and goes well with just about anything. Nordstrom Rack always seems to have loads of closet staples like tee shirts and sweaters for very reasonable prices. I check their clearance section often and am always amazed at what I find! There ya go, your shopping tip of the day!


Target Dollar Spot: Valentine’s Day Finds

dollar spot wine glassHey everyone! Am I the only one that hopes January will go really fast? The winter months just kill me. I like sunshine, patios, and warm temps! One of the first things I do when seasons change is check out the Target Dollar Spot. I’m such a big fan of this little section. I find so many delightful things for dΓ©cor around our house. Right now, Valentine’s Day and winter items are hot in the Dollar Spot! I’ll share some of my favorites below!

Galentine’s Day Dollar Spot Items

HOW CUTE ARE THESE GALENTINE’S DAY ITEMS?! I’m proud that I didn’t buy all of them but I’m still tempted. And I live across the street from a Super Target. It’s like a dream and a nightmare all at the same time. These are just such cute little things for a girl’s night get together. I really need that glitter sign!

Winter Dollar Spot Items

THE HOT COCOA STUFF! Oh my goodness. Once again, I was tempted but only bought the cute mugs. I might go back for more though. Some of these items make really good stocking stuffers for next Christmas too!

Ok I also bought the lavender eye pillow and I really like it! It smells amazing and doesn’t fall of my head. So winning there. They have a ton of stuff for new year organization and resolutions. I definitely need to get a pair of those workout gloves! Just sayin.

Anyway, I’ll share more on my Instagram stories as they roll out other items. Happy winter everyone!


My 2018 Recap and Wishes for 2019!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2018 flew by and I can’t believe its over. I’m blown away by everything that happened. Life takes you by surprise and often times, it’s completely wonderful. And then there are other times that bring you back down to Earth and remind you that you’re human.

I won’t spend too long going over my year but the year started with me in a terrible job and then finding a different, better one in March. Literally a day after I started my job, David and I got our first niece and she’s darling! In May, David asked me to marry him (BIGGEST MOMENT EVER!) and the day after, my mom was diagnosed with leukemia. Like I said, life is filled with ups and downs. The rest of the year has been spent wedding planning, dreaming for the future, and more wedding planning. So for 2019….

Big Changes Coming

Last New Year’s I tried to change me. But I wasn’t ready. So this New Year’s I really hope I am. I want to change how I think, how I eat, how I think about eating, and how I think about myself. This is the year I get married and there are so many changes coming my way! I couldn’t be more excited and nervous! So what am I doing to get ready? Creating NEW habits. And I’m praying with every fiber of my being that my habits stick!

gratitude journal and tea

The first thing I knew I needed to change in 2019 was my gratitude. I spend so much of my time wondering why I don’t have this or that and virtually none of my time being thankful for the things I dreamed I would have when I was 20. I’m so lucky in life and I don’t even know it! So I bought a gratitude journal! Here’s the exact one I got. Everyday you write down things and people you’re grateful for and why. Its a nice 5-minute exercise to start your day!
noom app

I also started a free trial of the Noom app. I had seen commercials and what not for this weight loss program and had always been curious. I started a free trial of it and am excited to see how it can help. It doesn’t just tell you how to lose weight, it address the harder part of weight loss- understanding your relationship with food.

I put food on a pedestal. If I’m not eating it, I’m thinking about it. It’s a reward for me. I need to change that! Noom gives you a counselor that helps you change how you view food and yourself. I will definitely be updating you guys in a few weeks to share my thoughts on the app!

Please share your goals with me! I love to hear what other people are striving for!

How to Make Candles (the easy way)

soy candles

christmas candle making

Hey everyone! December totally escaped me and I hadn’t had time to post this blog but I’m really excited to share it now. Right after David and I got engaged, my mom found out she had leukemia. After doing some research, we discovered that paraffin wax (common in candles) is linked to cancer. My mom and I’s favorite Bath & Body Works candles contain paraffin wax so we had to put our obsession to rest. A few months later, I learned how to make my own candles from soy wax! So I’m sharing how to make soy candles (the easy way!)

double broiler candles

What Do You Need to Make Candles?

  • Pouring pot
  • 2 quart pot
  • Soy wax
  • Candle wicks
  • Jars
  • Scent
  • Wick center

Melting the Wax

The first thing you need is a 2 quart pot filled with about two inches of water. Set it on your burner and turn the burner up to medium. Then you’ll take your pouring pot (the one I use is linked here) and you’ll fill it about half way with soy wax. Rest it between the pot and it’s handle as shown above. This will make enough for a votive candle like the one shown above. It takes about 30 minutes for the wax to melt all the way, so just keep an eye on it!

Adding Candle Scent

Once the wax has melt in the pouring pot, continue letting it heat up for 5 minutes or so. You don’t want it boiling per se, but it needs to be good and hot! I don’t use a thermometer as that just complicates the entire process, however many others I’ve talked to do use them for accuracy. I don’t sell my candles, so having them be “perfect” isn’t my goal. I just want to enjoy them and give them as gifts!

Once you’ve let the wax get hot, then you can remove it from the pot and add your scent in. Candle Science makes really great scents and so does Michael’s! In my experience, you need to add a lot of scent oil to really make the fragrance strong. This comes with a little trial and error. For a votive-sized candle, about 15-20 drops of the oil should work. Be sure to stir it in so the scent is equally distributed. A wooden skewer works well to mix it with!

candle wicks bulk

Pouring the Wax

Take your candle wicks and put them in your jars. Don’t worry about keeping them straight right now. The hot wax will melt the outer coating of your wicks and become limp (but there’s a way to fix this!) Slowly pour the wax in the jar.

candle center

Take your candle center and thread the wick through it to center it. That’s it! Your done! The wax will harden completely after a few hours. I gave these candles to a few of David’s workers and they liked them! They’re really great for simple, inexpensive gifts that are still personal and well-thought out. If you have any questions, let me know!

Christmas Tree Farm in Flower Mound & Choosing Decoration Styles

flower mound christmas tree farmHi everyone! It’s been such a busy December so far between Christmas parties and work. David and I both work in a similar industry so planning for the first quarter of 2019 is in full swing. We did get time to go out to a Christmas tree farm in Flower Mound to get a real tree though! I was so excited! I haven’t had a real tree since I was little and frankly, I had no idea how heavy these things were until David and I had to drag it into the house. It smells SO good though! I’m still decorating it and slowly gathering lights, ribbon, and ornaments to put all over it.

christmas tree farm

christmas tree farm north dallasThe day we went it was about 60 degrees so I sported my favorite coral Hunter Boots, a light weight Old Navy quilted vest, and this J Crew plaid blouse I found on eBay! My Hallmark loving self was hoping it would snow and fuzzy mittens would be required for the day but no such luck.

Christmas Tree Decoration Styles

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed earlier looking at how everyone decorates their Christmas trees and holy smokes, I need to step my game up! Between all the gorgeous flocked trees and the crazy amount of ornaments on them, I definitely feel a little behind on my decorating. I’ve always had a difficult time deciding if I want a “designer tree” with a color scheme and lovely ribbon all over it, or if I want an old fashioned tree with heirloom ornaments and popcorn strings. When David and I buy a home, I’m going to have both because I think both are fabulous!

Also, how cute is this doormat?! I found it at Target for $10! I put it on my front step and hung a wreath on our door! I love outdoor Christmas decorations but crazy enough, our house right now doesn’t have electrical outlets outside! I was so bummed when I discovered that! So I can’t put twinkle lights on our bushes or inflate a big snowman on our lawn. I’m way not happy about that so the doormat will have to suffice. Sigh.