The One Resource Every Blogger Babe Needs

Hey lovelies! I hope you’re having a nice week! I’m sitting in bed writing this waiting for the weekend to come. I’m having brunch this Saturday with a bunch of bloggers from Dallas and really looking forward to it! I love getting together with other creatives to chat and share ideas. It keeps me inspired to continue blogging. Not gonna lie, there have been quite a few times I’ve felt like quitting. 

One thing that keeps me motivated is having a community of bloggers and Instagrammers to feel inspired by. Since moving to Dallas a year ago, I’ve had a hard time making friends. Around this time however I joined Style Collective and immediately had a support system all over the place! If you’re going to invest in anything for your blog, I highly recommend joining Style Collective! Here’s why.

Benefits of Style Collective

Style Collective was started by Annie Spano when she saw a need for blogger babes to have a space just for them where they could talk and collaborate. A few leaps and bounds later, she started Style Collective. I joined last year and love it! The benefits are endless but my favorite parts of this group include:

  • Community forums where we can seek advice or share opportunities
  • Space to share blog posts and get engagement on them
  • Regional meetups with your Style Collective sisters
  • Brand opportunities
  • Brand directory where you can find contact info for your fave brands
  • Worksheets and e-courses to help you grow
  • Weekly tips and blog posts that answer all your questions

There’s so much more to this group than I can share here but these are just a few things I benefit from the most!

girl boss hashtag

The above photo is from one of our first meetups here in Dallas! You can read the original blog post here. Since I had just moved to Dallas and literally knew no one it was so great to meetup with these girls and build a connection with my new city!

The Details

For a monthly membership to Style Collective it’s basically the cost of two lattes at Starbucks ($10!) and you can sign up here through my affiliate linkI really love this group of girls and I’ve been connected with some of the nicest ladies! Annie is also such a sweet, genuine person that she’s easy to talk to and often times personally messages you back if you have a question. If you’re looking to learn and grow in your blog, then definitely join us at Style Collective!

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Here’s How to Combat Blogging Fatigue

lilly pulitzer and coffee

If you haven’t noticed, every week I’ve been trying to bring blogging tips and ideas to you (my lovely readers.) And if you haven’t noticed that I’ve been doing this, then maybe you need to like my Facebook page to get updates (hint hint!) Today I wanted to share a few easy ways to avoid or get over the blogger burnout!

Write a Blog Post Somewhere New

One of the worst things a writer can do is sit and stare at the same 4 walls day after day! Nothing sparks creativity when you’re stuck in your room without inspiration. Change up your “office” location and go find a new coffee shop to enjoy while you write!

Get Creative in Your Closet

For fashion bloggers, clothing to photograph is important to the overall success of the blog. However, I hate running out and buying new clothes all the time (translate: I love buying new clothes but my bank account won’t let me.) Go through your closet and pull everything out. Make a goal of putting together at least 3 new outfits you can wear for your blog!

Do Something Social With Other Bloggers

Getting together with other bloggers can give you that little bit of passion you need to keep going and write another blog post! A few months ago, my Dallas Style Collective sisters and I hosted a meetup for other SC girls in the area.

Take a Week Off

You heard me. Take some time off from blogging. I used to blog all the time thinking that people would forget about me if I didn’t. I was soooo burnt out! You can’t keep pumping out great content if you don’t love what you’re writing. Seriously, take time off.

Reflect on Why You Started

Sometimes I get so caught up in being popular on Instagram or trying to earn money for my blog posts that I forget why I started blogging in the first place. I started because I wanted a fun hobby. Take a day and go back to your roots and remind yourself of the reason you started blogging.

Blogging ain’t easy, but it can be really fun if you don’t let yourself get burnt out on it. I’d love to hear your blogger burnout tips or stories! Leave me a comment!

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Blogging and SEO Secrets You’re Going to Love!

Blogging, social media, and SEO changes all the time and it drives fashion bloggers like me crazy! Between coming up with blog topics, taking pictures, writing a blog and then promoting it, I don’t have time to always be worrying about a new Google algorithm coming out. Anyone else feel this way?! Today, I wanted to share with you a few SEO and blogging tips to help you out!

Add Details to Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are becoming as important to your account as your regular Instagram posts. Seriously. I am by no means an Instagram story pro, but I do know that there are some pretty neat features we can utilize to make our stories even better. For example, a new feature includes being able to tag your location and even share the weather. For brands with more than 10k followers, you can also add a “learn more” option to put a link within your Instagram story. This is definitely helpful when trying to promote blogs!

Instagram Pods are No Good

It’s true and my heart is breaking. How can something so wonderful and helpful for bloggers be bad for your SEO and blog? Long story short, brands and other followers are catching on to this trick. When you have loads of comments and likes but no conversions either to a link or sale, brands have to wonder just how “organic” all those comments are. Instead of spending time only commenting on other pod members’ photos, use the time to comment on potential followers’ photos.

Blog Titles Matter

We all know that an “engaging” title is important. But the SEO aspects of it are just as important as the catchiness of your title. You want to keep your title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results. Also use strong language like “love” or “hate” to get the most website clicks.

Share Your Blogging Tips

I always believe that bloggers should share knowledge and stories with each other. I’d love for you to share your blogging tips with me in a comment below! It’s never hurt anyone to help someone else!

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The 5 Myths of Style Blogging

starting a style blog

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years, one year if we’re only counting the time I’ve actually known what the heck I’m doing. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about style blogging, photography, and what it takes to be a blogger in a very saturated market. But there are a few myths I hear over and over again from other people that simply aren’t true. So I’m busting 5 blogging myths!

Blogging is Easy

This cracks me up! Blogging is the farthest thing from easy, at least for me. Sure, ideas often flow freely and I love getting to be creative, but there’s so much work that goes into every single blog post. Between photography, writing the content, and posting to social media- we’re talking 6 or 7 hours, at least.

Bloggers Get Tons of Free Stuff

Some bloggers get loads of free things, but it doesn’t start out that way. For the first year of blogging, I wasn’t gifted anything. All of my content was purely creative. And sometimes I miss that. Of course now that I’ve been blogging a little longer, I definitely enjoy the perks of complimentary items.

Blogging Can Make You Money Fast

If only this were true. I’d be rolling in dough if it were! Just like anything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. At the very beginning stages of the blogging industry, style bloggers were certainly able to make money faster because the market wasn’t saturated like it is now. If you’re just getting into the game, it could be years before you really start to make an income from it.

Running a Blog is Expensive

This myth can definitely be true if you aren’t smart with your money. Hiring a photographer can be expensive, getting a web designer is always pricey, and buying outfits definitely ain’t cheap! I keep my costs under control by having my boyfriend take my photos, going on Etsy (post about that here!) to find web designers, and I watch for sales on clothing.

Blogging is Fun

Ok this one is totally true! I love blogging and I love being creative with everything I do and this is one way for me to express that and share it with you! If you’ve always wanted to start a blog but you’re scared to, reach out to me! I’m always happy to help!

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Tips for Finding the Right Web Designer for Your Fashion Blog

Hey loves! Happy first day of June! Who knew summer would be here so fast? Today, I wanted to chat with you about the not-so-fun aspect of blogging- web design! Seriously, who really gets excited about coding? Not me! But it has to be done, right? If you can’t code a fashion blog, then you need to find someone who can. So I’m sharing my best tips and experiences with finding the right person to do the job!

Ask Specific Questions

For the love of Pete (whoever he is) be specific when you’re talking to a potential web designer. Don’t just ask “can you code” because of course they can, that’s their job. Be specific and ask if they’d be able to code certain elements of a fashion blog. Also ask, if they’re starting from scratch on your website or if they have a template they already use.

From personal experience, I know how important that last question is to ask. When I first started blogging and wanted a custom theme, I paid a web designer about $400 to build the theme I currently have. Little did I know she was using a template she’d used for other sites and just added a few things here and there. Had I known that’s all the individual was doing, I would have just bought a basic theme for about $60 and saved myself loads of money. LESSON LEARNED! Ugh, still kicking myself for that one.

Choose Someone With Style Blog Design Experience

Coding is important but so is the UI/UX design (user interface, user experience). A properly coded site is incredibly important to the back end function of your blog, however you also need your style blog to look nice! Hiring a web designer that has experience designing blogs for style bloggers will be so important to the outcome of your website!

Check Out Etsy for Web Designers

Etsy is more than just wood working and handcrafted goods! I’ve found so many talented web designers on there. I actually got my new blog header (I LOVE it so much) from a graphic artist through Etsy! She was easy to work with and super affordable (here’s her Etsy shop link.) Supporting small businesses is super important to me so this is another great way I can do that!

Weekly Blogging Tips

Every week I’m going to try and share some blogging tips with you all so please leave comments with questions or topics you’d like me to address!

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5 Things Successful Women Do

young professional women in texas

Let me be honest here and say that I’ve never considered myself a “successful woman.” It was until recently that I thought to myself “hey, I guess I’m doing pretty good for someone my age.” I have a job, cat, nice apartment (see my apartment here!), sweet boyfriend, and an awesome blog if I do say so myself! But I spend a lot of time studying the habits of successful men and women and I’ve come up with a few takeaways from articles, books, and documentaries that I wanted to share with you!

1. Successful Women Never Stop Learning

College is wayyy over for me but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything new. Successful women read, take classes, go to seminars and conferences, and watch documentaries. They always seek out opportunities to learn from other people.

2. Successful Women Take Care of Themselves

I know what you’re thinking- work out, eat right blah blah blah. And that’s true. Successful people do something active everyday and eat healthy meals and snacks. I learned from a nutritionist that the more colorful your food is on the outside, the cleaner you are on the inside. Note: colorful food doesn’t include bright orange Cheetohs (though I wish it did) it means beautiful veggies and fruits.

3. Successful Women Have Schedules

I am the child of Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Believe me, I know all about regimented schedules and doing things at certain times. Frankly, I thrive on that lifestyle! I have my own little routine but if I had my druthers, I would have an hour by hour schedule for myself. At the very least I keep a planner, which successful women should!

4. Successful Women Use Good Manners

Good manners are for everyone but unfortunately, not everyone seems to demonstrate them. However, for women (and men) in the business world, having good social graces is important. Not only is it important for you to demonstrate proper etiquette in your own career, but if you’re attending a work function of your boyfriend or husband’s, it’s vital that you perform well there too (and the same goes for him). It’s important that both of you help each other in your careers!

5. Successful Women Use the Servant-Leadership Style

This style of leadership throws many people off. How can a leader also be a servant? Take a look at a prime example in history. Jesus Christ is one of the most famous leaders in history. He’s still remembered for His leadership style of putting others ahead of himself. He was a servant leader. Whether you’re the CEO or not, you have a duty to put those underneath of you in front of your own needs. Right after you close a major business deal, you must realize that you are not above sweeping a hallway or taking out the trash. That’s servant leadership.

Leave me a comment with your tips for becoming a successful woman!

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4 Things Bloggers Can Do to Help Other Bloggers (and themselves)

Being a style blogger is a lot of fun! I enjoy meeting new people, collaborating with amazing brands, and constantly learning new things. It really has been a crazy, fun journey getting to where I am not. However, there have DEFINITELY been so not so fun parts of this journey… like a lot of them! Some of them were just part of the learning curve and I moved on. Other parts are an ongoing battle. Today, I’m sharing 5 things bloggers can stop doing that make our own and everyone else’s blogging experience difficult!

Stop the Follow/Unfollow Game

Oh my goodness. This is without a doubt the most obnoxious thing bloggers do to each other. It goes a little something like this: Blogger uses a bot to follow other Instagram users who might be interested in their content and follow them back. Once they get the return “follow”, the bot goes back and unfollows the user that just followed them. Sometimes this process takes days, other times, it takes only an hour. Either way, it’s obnoxious and needs to stop no matter how much “growth” a blogger gets from it.

Not Sharing Blogging Tips

I get it, giving away information that helped make you successful seems counter intuitive. And it is. However, sharing knowledge and success stories helps make our world go around, both inside and outside the blogosphere. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached out to other bloggers and asked how they accomplished something and they blow me off with very basic advice or “you’ll figure it out.” Last I checked, helping other people build their blogs up never hurt your own!

Quit Comparing Successes and Timelines

I am the worst for this. I literally scroll through my Instagram feed comparing my posts to other bloggers and wondering why I don’t have as many followers or get as many likes. Or wonder how she did it so quickly and why I’m growing so slowly. Honestly, sometimes we hold ourselves back with these thoughts. And I’m trying harder not to compare myself to other women that I admire. I’m learning to accept ME.

Be Supportive of Each Other’s Blogs

Lastly, we grow and become better bloggers when we lift each other up! Last year I joined a great group of girls through Style Collective that are so supportive and willing to share blogging tips and genuinely wish the best for others. If you’re interested in joining us, here’s the link! Style blogging became so much more fun for me when I found these girls.

Keep blogging and keep your head up! Share this with your blogger group so they know they aren’t alone in this journey!

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