Playing the Game: Corporate Buzzword Bingo

Hey everyone! Normally, I’d share a great sale find or new outfit I bought but I felt a little humor would be nice for a change. I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it until right about now. I’m a young professional trying to make my way through the business world without having a real clue as to what I’m doing. However, since I haven’t been in the workforce for very long and I’m not entirely accustomed to how companies are run, I can offer a different perspective on many things. Namely, corporate buzzwords.

Every Monday I create a mental list that I slowly fill in over the course of the week with every darn buzzword I hear. It’s like a game of bingo in my head. While buzzwords have become a regular part of emails and communication, they’re for the most part, useless filler words.

Why do I state this opinion so decidedly? Because I listen to people throw them around all day on conference calls, through emails, and just in regular conversation. Even more annoying, those that use them often are particularly favored by company leadership. In my experience, you may know nothing about anything but if you can use buzzwords, you’re golden.

Most Annoying Buzzwords

I won’t even attempt to rank them because everyone has one or two that drives them crazy, so I’ll let you decide which is the worst.

  • “Feedback” – Nice term meaning you’ll have more work to do after you’ve already finished something (also my least favorite buzzword).
  • “Circle Back Around” – Is this Ring-Around-the-Rosy? I don’t think so, we aren’t circling back to anything.
  • “Dive Deeper” – Does anyone at this conference table have diving equipment? Nope. Therefore, I’m not diving deeper.
  • “Best Practices” – Just shut up.
  • “Corporate Values” – No matter how much bull crap a company puts into their mission or value statement the only thing anyone really values is making a profit.
  • “Let’s Touch Base” – Let’s not and say we did.
  • “It’s On My Radar” – Really? I don’t see an antennae attached to your head.
  • “Thought Leadership” – You want me to lead with my thoughts? That’s interesting seeing as how you usually shoot my ideas down.
  • “Key Takeaway” – All I can picture is a key being taken away.
  • “Deliverable” – Ooh look! More work!
  • “Spearhead” – I guess it’s better than saying “Can you tackle this?” but not by much.
  • “Going Forward” – Just no.
  • “Get the Ball Rolling” – I hope you mean kickball, otherwise Imma let that ball sit there.
  • “Hop on a Call” – Are you really going to hop? Or just dial a number?

There are obviously a hundred more I could list but these ones really get under my skin. Please share your least favorite below!

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How to Store Your Winter Clothes and Keep Them Fresh

how to store sweatersWho else is incredibly happy that spring is on it’s way? This weekend I’ll be (spring) cleaning out my closet and putting away my warm winter clothes in favor of unpacking my favorite spring dresses. Being a Dallas style blogger means that I get to wear spring styles (see my picks here) before the majority of everyone else! How lucky am I? But I still love my winter stuff and want to store it neatly. Here are my best tips for keeping your clothes neat and fresh.

winter sweaters

Clothes Storage Tip 1: Fold your clothes

I’ll be the first one to admit that folding clothes is the worst. I hate it with a passion. In my dryer right now, I have an entire load of clothes that’s been sitting there wrinkling for over a week. It’s a good thing my mom isn’t here. However, if you’re going to be storing your clothes in a box for awhile, it’s really important that you fold them and not wad them up in a ball. Can I also suggest that you wash all of the clothes before storing them, or is that too much?

how to keep clothes fresh

azura soap Clothes Storage Tip 2: Use dryer sheets

After you’ve folded your clothes, between each layer of clothing unfold a dryer sheet to lock in freshness. I like to do this also when I’m packing my suitcase so things smell nice when I unpack later on! If you really like a fresh, clean smell, buy a few scented soaps and pack them around the storage box. No one likes the smell of stale clothing when they unpack! For added protection and freshness, keep your clothes in a vacuum sealed bag.

Here’s hoping the spring weather in Dallas spreads to the rest of you! All of my favorite fashion bloggers around here have the cutest outfits right now so I’ll be out in search of a few new spring trends to add to my wardrobe. Check out my recent style blog posts (here and here) for shopping inspiration!

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Target Dollar Spot Finds

Happy Monday gals! I had a serious case of the Sunday scaries yesterday and the only way to solve it was by heading to Target and taking my sweet little time browsing the Target dollar section. Honestly, it’s therapeutic! Everything I could possibly want is between $1 and $5. Seasonal items, stationary, mugs, adult coloring books, you name it- the dollar spot has it. Piggy backing off of my post last week about office chic items, I figured I’d share with you a few affordable alternatives to the items I featured last week! Starting with some cute stationary- look at these adorable ‘hello’ notecards and pencils for $1 each! *Happy dance*

Chic Desktop Accessories on a Budget

Cute file folders

I’m a big fan of organization and a good bargain. These file folders combine both of those things! $1 each and they have multiple designs. If I can find a cute gold file holder on sale sometime, I’ll be putting these on my desk to double as artwork!

Desk top calendar

These pastel wooden pencils are $1 and the notepad/mousepad is $1 too! You can’t beat that price! The watercolor illustrations on the notepad are so pretty. When I saw this, it totally made my day! I’ve seen some that have the days of the week on them and others that are blank note pages. Keep your eye out for new ones!

Cheap Recipe binder

Since moving out on my own, I realize how precious and wonderful having my mom and grandmom’s recipes are. I’ll be darned if I can ever write them down though! I always end up calling my mom asking how to make this or that. Having a recipe book to keep everything in would be really helpful! This one was only $5 in the Target dollar spot! It has sections in it to divide appetizers from main dishes and so on.

Pretty Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are the best things ever for organization! I always have loose papers on my desk and just being able to put them all in one place is so helpful! These boxes run between $10 and $13 based on the size. How pretty would a few of them be sitting on your desk at work though?

Day Designer agenda

I feel like I’m on a never-ending quest to find the perfect planner at a decent price! Normally, I’m a Lilly Pulitzer girl (so is my mom after I bought her one!) but lately I feel like I need something even bigger. I found a Day Designer planner at Target and just loved it! How pretty is the floral design? It mimics the ones Kate Spade and a few other designers have but for under $20!

Pretty clipboards

Finally, this is probably one of the cutest finds of my afternoon shopping! I love clipboards even though I don’t have a use for one. The zebra and floral themes were really pretty and so much more fun than the boring old traditional ones our gym teachers carried around. These were priced around $10.

Treat yo’ self and pick up a few new desk accessories for this week! Even a pack of new pencils totally brightens my day!



And Kitty Makes 3!

burmese rescue catHey gals! Friday is finally here and I’m excited to share something with you! Sometimes I feel like fashion blogging needs a personal element besides personal style. Not often do I talk about my family, friends, or boyfriend in my posts. For whatever reason, I feel like I should keep them away from my online presence if for no other reason than their privacy. Some people like to share everything about their families right down to the hospital and room number in which their baby was born. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m simply not that way. Today however, I wanted to share with you a very important aspect of my life. Her name is Petunia!

oversharing on social mediaMy boyfriend and I adopted her a few months ago but other than pictures for our family and friends, I haven’t shared her on my blog. She’s a darling little kitty and has been the light of my life since moving away from home. David and I went to the Kansas City Pet Project just to “look”, then we saw Petunia or “Tuna” as we call her. We adopted her that day and took her back to her furever home (see what I did there?) According to the shelter, she was found wandering down the side of a highway.

adopt don't shopSince bringing her home, she’s gotten quite comfortable in her new digs. Petunia likes to wander around the house following me everywhere I go, meowing the whole time. We considered getting her a buddy but after meeting her kitty cousins (David’s sister’s cats) we determined it might not be the best idea! I was hoping to maybe get an older kitty because they usually are the last to be adopted and that breaks my heart. Petunia may warm up to the idea eventually but as of right now, she likes being an only-child.

Last week, I FaceTimed with my parents and they saw their grandcat for the first time. I have lovingly gifted my parents with the grandparent names of Grandmeow and Grandpaw. How appropriate, right? Everyone but my mom thinks I’m crazy. What can I say? I love this kitty!

I just wanted to share with you something more personal today so I hope you enjoyed it! If you’d like to make a donation to KC Pet Project, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!


Summer Instagram Round Up

kate spade beach

Happy Monday beautiful girls! It was a wonderful weekend of simply relaxing and enjoying some down time. The past few weeks, as I’ve mentioned before, have been a bit hectic and they will only get more so in the next month or so. This weekend was perfect for unwinding and spending some quality “me time”. Some “me time” always includes a little Instagrammin’.

I always like to review my most popular posts in the last month to see what people have interacted with the most. Fortunately, the adorable display at the Kate Spade store here in Kansas City was one of the popular ones! I just love the summer line that they had this year. Nothing makes me happier than scenes of palm trees, the beach, and adorable marine life!

diy milk bottles

Another popular post was this iced coffee and gallery wall! More than anything I love this photo because of the adorable glass milk bottle I put my coffee in. The striped straw also adds a little something extra! I found the straw and milk bottle in a set of four for only $3! Home Goods always has something interesting in their store!

summer color blocking

My final popular post was of my coral and blue color blocking outfit. I was surprised at how simple this wear-to-work ensemble was and yet how many people really liked it! Wearing bright, vibrant colors is always fun for me because it breaks up the monotony of my navy blue and striped preppy uniform I seem to wear a little too often.  Working in an office limits you to what you can wear (or get away with). The days of the suit and pantie hose uniform are slipping away in favor of more exciting, stylish outfits. Thank God, right?

Leave me a comment with your favorite photo and a link to a summer-inspired Instagram photo from your account! Follow me on Instagram!