My Fall Decor Home Tour

Happy first day of October! I live for this season for a million reasons but largely because I get to decorate and break out a few light weigh sweaters (I live in Dallas remember!) I thought I’d do a quick tour of my fall home decor for you guys!

Basically all of this stuff I either got from Michaels, Home Goods, or Target! My go-to’s for home decorating on a budget! When those 50% off full price purchase coupons roll into my inbox from Michaels, I get my happy butt over there as fast as I can. I love their home decor stuff especially for fall! The outdoor rug I just got for Halloween was a great find for $10 the other day!

Since our home is just a rental, I didn’t go all out decorating like I’d love to but you better believe when David and I buy our first home in a few years I’ll be buying every pumpkin in Dallas!

It’s funny how I dream about our future home- it’s super specific what I’d love and there has to be big, beautiful front steps that can have pumpkins sitting on them when you walk up. Goals!

Happy fall y’all!