How to Make Candles (the easy way)

soy candles

christmas candle making

Hey everyone! December totally escaped me and I hadn’t had time to post this blog but I’m really excited to share it now. Right after David and I got engaged, my mom found out she had leukemia. After doing some research, we discovered that paraffin wax (common in candles) is linked to cancer. My mom and I’s favorite Bath & Body Works candles contain paraffin wax so we had to put our obsession to rest. A few months later, I learned how to make my own candles from soy wax! So I’m sharing how to make soy candles (the easy way!)

double broiler candles

What Do You Need to Make Candles?

  • Pouring pot
  • 2 quart pot
  • Soy wax
  • Candle wicks
  • Jars
  • Scent
  • Wick center

Melting the Wax

The first thing you need is a 2 quart pot filled with about two inches of water. Set it on your burner and turn the burner up to medium. Then you’ll take your pouring pot (the one I use is linked here) and you’ll fill it about half way with soy wax. Rest it between the pot and it’s handle as shown above. This will make enough for a votive candle like the one shown above. It takes about 30 minutes for the wax to melt all the way, so just keep an eye on it!

Adding Candle Scent

Once the wax has melt in the pouring pot, continue letting it heat up for 5 minutes or so. You don’t want it boiling per se, but it needs to be good and hot! I don’t use a thermometer as that just complicates the entire process, however many others I’ve talked to do use them for accuracy. I don’t sell my candles, so having them be “perfect” isn’t my goal. I just want to enjoy them and give them as gifts!

Once you’ve let the wax get hot, then you can remove it from the pot and add your scent in. Candle Science makes really great scents and so does Michael’s! In my experience, you need to add a lot of scent oil to really make the fragrance strong. This comes with a little trial and error. For a votive-sized candle, about 15-20 drops of the oil should work. Be sure to stir it in so the scent is equally distributed. A wooden skewer works well to mix it with!

candle wicks bulk

Pouring the Wax

Take your candle wicks and put them in your jars. Don’t worry about keeping them straight right now. The hot wax will melt the outer coating of your wicks and become limp (but there’s a way to fix this!) Slowly pour the wax in the jar.

candle center

Take your candle center and thread the wick through it to center it. That’s it! Your done! The wax will harden completely after a few hours. I gave these candles to a few of David’s workers and they liked them! They’re really great for simple, inexpensive gifts that are still personal and well-thought out. If you have any questions, let me know!

Cozy Gifts Under $50 (and the Best Gift I Ever Received!)

cozy gifts under $50

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! David and I went back to my parents’ house for a few days to celebrate the holiday and then we flew back to Dallas before driving down to Austin for an overnight trip with some friends. It was a busy week and weekend and I’m so thrilled with all the great memories!

Sparkle Slippers | Pink PJs | Faux Fur Blanket | Candle | Christmas Mug | Heart Sweater | Champagne Flutes | Blanket Scarf | Hot Cocoa Sticks | Bath Soak | Sparkling Rose

I’m starting my Christmas shopping for everyone on my list and I’m doing it on a budget! We’re planning a wedding right now and I’m super budget-conscious about everything. But I shopped around and found a bunch of cozy gifts for under $50 you’ll love!

I’m super in love with the pajamas and the big furry blanket! I saw a meme the other day that said something like no matter how many blankets I have, they’re never not going to be a great gift!

A lot of these items are from Amazon too, so use your Prime membership!! Happy shopping!

Fall Style Classic: Flannel at the Dallas Arboretum

dallas arboretum pumpkin village

arboretum pumpkin village

Hey everyone! It really feels like fall right now in Dallas and I just got around to visiting the Dallas Arboretum’s Pumpkin Village! Its been raining a ton here and there were a few hours of sunshine Sunday morning so David surprised me with tickets! Last Christmas, he surprised me with tickets to their 12 Days of Christmas light display and that was lovely. The Pumpkin Village may have topped it though!

dallas arboretum

cinderella pumpkins

dallas arboretum photos

So everything was soaked when we walked through there but that didn’t stop me from wearing my favorite leather boots and sitting on damp pumpkins! David followed me around taking photos as requested and made sure to get a cute one of me in the pumpkin patch wearing this adorable Lauren James flannel boyfriend shirt. I bought it last March during one of their sales and I kid you not it was on clearance for $8! I should have bought two and could smack myself for not. Here’s a similar one, although not on sale.

I definitely recommend investing in some flannel for fall and winter. Its always been a staple in any wardrobe and I can’t fathom it going away in the future. My favorite times of the year to buy flannel shirts, dresses, and even blankets are in late winter or early spring. Brands like L.L. Bean, Kiel James Patrick, and J. Crew put a lot of their winter basics on sale or clearance right around then so its the perfect time to stock up! As for now, watch for Christmas sales from these brands because they do a lot of gift-giving promotions and things like flannel scarves are popular sale items! Happy shopping!



Stocking Stuffer Ideas that Will Make You Swoon!

Stocking Stuffers

Happy Monday guys! It’s only a week until Christmas! Have you finished your shopping yet? Of course I haven’t but that’s not a surprise, I’m usually late to the party anyway. I’ve still gotta hit up the mall and make a few last minute orders from Amazon Prime. However, I have wrapped all the gifts I’ve bought so far! Winning!

So I don’t about you but stocking stuffers are some of my favorite gifts! My mom, I mean Santa, always used to put a new tooth brush, fuzzy socks, British candy, and other fun little things in my stocking when I was growing up. It was the best! Since I’m an adult(ish) now and living away from home, my boyfriend and I really didn’t do stockings. However, if you need to give your man a few ideas of what to put in yours, then send him my way! These  items are all under $10 and guaranteed to be a hit!

It always cracks me up how some stocking stuffer gift guides I’ve come across have items that are small enough to fit into a stocking but have a price tag large enough to be it’s own gift. Heck no is anyone getting $50 headphones and calling it a stinking stocking stuffer. I just can’t even with that. So like I said, everything on this list is under $10 and won’t break the bank! You can thank me later.

The Best Sales Happening This Weekend!

sales for this weekendHappy Saturday! I’ve been super busy with work lately (read this post to understand why) but I wanted to take some time and round up a few sales happening this weekend! I love a great sale because I’m a total bargain hunter. Full price is the F-word for me! Everyday I read through my emails to see which of my favorite stores is having a discount or promotion and then I either talk myself out of buying whatever is that’s on sale or I just blow all of my money. It’s always a toss up.

A few of my favorite sales happening right now are the Bath & Body Works annual candle sale. I literally can’t wait to walk in the store and push and shove my way to Christmasy candles! Peppermint mocha latte in hand of course!

Another sale I’m super excited about is from my friend’s online boutique Anderson Road Co. They’ve marked down a lot of their items and are offering 50% off everything on top of that using code HOLIDAY50. It’s seriously such an amazing sale! I just bought two of these pineapple cocktail shakers to give as gifts and I got them for $15 each regularly $80!

Pass this along to your friends so they can enjoy the deals as well! Happy shopping!