$13 Steve Madden Wedges!

steve madden wedges

steve madden wedges kate spade purse

Hey everyone! I had to share this great shopping find from a week ago with you! I’m a sucker for a great bargain hunt and my favorite thing to do is shop for summer and spring clothes in the fall and then fall and winter clothes in the summer and spring. You get the best deals! Last weekend when I went shopping, Steve Madden was having a 70% off sale on summer sandals and these super cute wedge sandals were (wait for it!) $13 originally $100!! Score!

Here’s a link to them! They make me about 6 feet tall so they’re very high. I’m 5’8″ for reference. These are so cute with white frayed jeans and a chambray top! I can’t wait for spring to wear them. It’s like 32 degrees right now in Dallas so these sandals will be in my closet until further notice!

Bell Sleeve Fall Sweater Under $20

bell sleeve sweater

bell sleeve sweater

Hey everyone! Its sweater weather in Dallas! I’ve been waiting for this since July. Every year I dig through my sweaters and see what I want to keep or donate. And much to David’s disappointment, I don’t get rid of much- instead I go buy more sweaters! So here I am wearing this really cute J. Crew bell sleeve sweater I found on sale for $17 (normally $49!) last weekend! Winning!

J. Crew Mercantile is my favorite place to find great basics at good prices. Every time I walk into their regular J. Crew stores, I see something I love and find out its way out of my budget. Like $150 for a sweater? Are you crazy? Nope. My sweater comes in burgundy, gray, and black and is super soft. Its definitely more of a trendy piece (lets be real, my future kids will make fun of me for this sweater some day) but not a huge investment so I definitely recommend checking them out!

Fall Style Wish List for 2018

fall style wish list

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been counting down to the weekend for a million reasons but largely because my paycheck hits my bank account and I can do a little retail therapy! Wahoo! The temperatures have been dropping a little recently and I’ve been breaking out a sweater here and there but my closet would definitely appreciate a few more hanging inside. That and some new boots!

I’ve always had a hard time figuring out what my style is when it comes to fall fashion. I love classic cable knit sweaters and duck boots but I’m also a big fan of the slouchy, off the shoulder sweaters and over the knee boots everyone wears. A bit of preppy, a bit of on trend! I think that’s the best part of personal style, you can do it all or none of it if you want to!

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Quintessential Preppy Style: the L.L. Bean Boat Tote

This summer went by so quickly! I can hardly believe its already September! Unfortunately, in Texas “autumn” really means summer part 2. Its not going to get chilly here until late November. So I may be drinking pumpkin spice lattes in a pool but whatever!

The other day I decided to change out my bag from this cute Mexicali embroidered one to my favorite old L.L. Bean boat tote. My mom gave it to me years ago and she had it monogrammed with my initials. When I was little, my dad would put me in one of these bags and swing me around. When we’d go to the beach, we always took at least two boat totes full of beach stuff down to the shore. During the fall, we’d use those same boat totes and fill them with wood my dad chopped for our wood stove. These tote bags are literally a legacy.

Styling a Boat Tote

In 1944, L.L. Bean introduced these tote bags for the purpose of carrying ice. Decades later, we now use them for everything from going to the farmer’s market to making a style statement. I avoid saying “fashion statement” because a boat tote isn’t fashionable, instead its a preppy closet must-have that carries you through life.

I’ll be the first to admit however, that they don’t go with everything. I’m certainly not carrying one with me to a nice dinner out with David or to a party. But outdoor activities and long shopping days are what this bag is made for. The best ways I’ve seen this bag worn are with shirt dresses like mine (similar here). It’s a simple, classic look! Some of my other favorite combos include:

  • Chino shorts, light weight sweater, Sperry’s
  • Jeans, Hunter boots, sweater, and rain coat
  • Scalloped shorts, button up, Jack Rogers sandals

In my wardrobe, I have a philosophy with everything I buy- if it isn’t easy and doesn’t go with multiple items, then I don’t need it. I’ve always believed that the most luxurious outfits should be comfortable and simple to put together. To me, the boat tote is a must-have accessory to creating beautiful outfits that withstand the test of time. And those boat totes my mom and dad had when I was little? They’re still around and constantly making new memories decades later.


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Cute Fall Shoes on a Budget

Hey everyone! Even though its still 95 degrees every single day here in Dallas, I’ve been getting so excited about fall that I couldn’t resist buying a thing or two for my fall wardrobe! After work the other day, I made my way to the shoe aisle in Target and saw they had quite a few shoes marked down. I know some of them were supposed to be for their summer shoe collection, but I think they can make their way into the fall season without anyone knowing the difference!

Target Shoe Finds

I’m always on the hunt for a good deal (full price is the F-word!) so I’m really excited to share these quick fall shoe finds with you! To grab these deals, you might have to go in-store to find them as it appears online that they haven’t been marked down or they’re out of stock.

The purple velvet shoes were on sale for $6.99!

The black pointed-toe shoes were on sale for $8!

The Universal Thread pumps were on sale for $8!

I may or may not have done a happy dance and then called my mom to brag about the good deal I got. Ok I totally did. I was so excited. It’s the little things, right? These shoes are going to be super cute for work or a night out with David. I’ll be sharing how I style them soon!

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