Date Night Idea: Making Ravioli at Garnish Kitchen

garnish kitchen

Happy Hump Day friends! This summer has totally flown by! David and I have been so busy with work and planning our wedding that we rarely take time out for ourselves. BUT last week, David and I went out with several of his coworkers and their significant others to make ravioli from scratch at Garnish Kitchen! It was such a great night and we got to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. I was that annoying person taking photos of everything but I wanted to share it with all of you!

making ravioli

Garnish Kitchen’s chef and owner walked us through the delicate steps of making pasta dough and stretching it out to the perfect size for ravioli. There’s so much that goes into making pasta but its incredibly relaxing! They gave everyone a nice glass of wine and had Louis Armstrong playing in the background. It felt like I was a gourmet cook living in France! The whole experience was so special!

garnish kitchen

garnish kitchen class

The finished product was absolutely amazing. I never knew I could cook like that (even though I had a little help!) They taught us how to make delicious sauces and how to stuff our raviolis and what pairs well with what. It was a trip for the senses. David and I will definitely be going back for another class and date night!


Small Ways to Add Your Story to Your Home

star map

map of love story

Hey everyone! As fall approaches, I’ve been adding more and more little cozy touches throughout my home to create that “autumn” feel I love so much. Is it premature to do this since its 100 degrees out still? You betcha. But I love making a house feel like a home and there’s nothing “homier” to me than coziness.

One important way I’m adding my personal cozy touch to my living room is by incorporating David and I’s love story. How cheesy right? Wrong! Its adorable! I don’t like having a ton of photos around the house of us, so when I got this star map from Modern Map Art of the night sky the night we met, I was really excited.

David and I met in Fairfax, VA on April 15, 2015. We were able to incorporate this special day into our home with a map of how the stars looked that night in Fairfax. When the map came in the mail, I ran to Michael’s to get a frame for it before hanging it in our living room. Paired with the warmth of our leather couch, a flannel throw, and some pillows and a cup of morning coffee- the map makes it feel just like home! And home is where the heart is.

Eventually when I have more wall space and a landlord who doesn’t mind holes in the wall, I’ll probably add some black and white photos of us to go around the map! I love black and white photos in a thin gold or silver frame. It’s elegant but still personal.

If you’re looking for a good wedding or anniversary gift for someone (or yourself!) then a custom map print would be a great gift! It adds a lot of personality to any space without being over the top.

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Cute Fall Shoes on a Budget

Hey everyone! Even though its still 95 degrees every single day here in Dallas, I’ve been getting so excited about fall that I couldn’t resist buying a thing or two for my fall wardrobe! After work the other day, I made my way to the shoe aisle in Target and saw they had quite a few shoes marked down. I know some of them were supposed to be for their summer shoe collection, but I think they can make their way into the fall season without anyone knowing the difference!

Target Shoe Finds

I’m always on the hunt for a good deal (full price is the F-word!) so I’m really excited to share these quick fall shoe finds with you! To grab these deals, you might have to go in-store to find them as it appears online that they haven’t been marked down or they’re out of stock.

The purple velvet shoes were on sale for $6.99!

The black pointed-toe shoes were on sale for $8!

The Universal Thread pumps were on sale for $8!

I may or may not have done a happy dance and then called my mom to brag about the good deal I got. Ok I totally did. I was so excited. It’s the little things, right? These shoes are going to be super cute for work or a night out with David. I’ll be sharing how I style them soon!

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Instagram Wear-to-Work Style Roundup

navy blue sweater

Hey lovelies! I was thinking to myself the other day that I spend more of my week in my “office” wardrobe than I do in my “regular” clothing and its crazy. When I come home from work, its off with my pencil skirt and time for PJs! I make no apologies for that. Since I work in an office and have an 8-5 job, I feel like I don’t get to post many casual outfits simply because I never get to wear them! So instead of seeing any cute little shorts today, you’ll have to enjoy my office outfits!

Shop My Look: Shoes | Cardigan | Striped Dress

j crew striped pineapple top

One of my go-to skirts is this bright blue pencil skirt that I bought probably 5 years ago. I’ll never throw it away! As classic as they are, I think pencil skirts can be really fun pieces when you buy them in bright colors! J Crew always has some in fun colors as well as New York & Company!

Shop My Look: Shoes | Striped Top | (Similar) Skirt

ombre dress

Not gonna lie, by Friday I’ve gone through most of my closet favorites and my laundry hamper is spilling over. No shame. Instead, I throw on a maxi dress and pair it with a cardigan and rock that at my office. We don’t really have a casual Friday policy, so I’ve made this dress and a few others part of my own casual Friday! Unfortunately, you can’t get this dress anymore (I bought it way back when) but my favorite monogrammed Marley Lilly tote bag is still for sale!

Also, shout out to my coworker, Darlin, for taking literally every single one of these photos! Please check out her Etsy shop for me- she makes the coolest Halloween cards!

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Blooming Tea on a Rare Rainy Day in Texas

Since moving to Texas a few years ago, I’ve come to appreciate the rare rainy day we have! In Maryland, when it rained, it would rain for weeks on end. I definitely prefer the abundant sunshine Dallas has but every once in awhile its nice to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and just relax. Knowing my love of tea, Tea Bloom sent me a set of their flowering teas to steep!

If you haven’t seen a flowering tea before, you take one of the little buds out of the packaging and drop it in a tea pot and then pour hot water over it. After a few minutes, it starts to unfold and “bloom” into a flower. I unfortunately didn’t have a big enough tea pot (mine’s a cute little one from Anthropologie David’s sister gave me) so my flower didn’t quite bloom the way they normally do. You could tell the poor thing was trying to pop up all the way but without the extra water needed it had a hard time. Nonetheless, it was really neat to watch and definitely makes for a gorgeous presentation if you’re having company! Hint: Use a clear tea pot to get the full effect!Β 

The flavor was great too. It’s green tea but other flavor hints make their way through without being overwhelming. Tea is honestly one of the best things you can drink for your health. I find myself sipping it after I’ve eaten a large meal (or a cookie!) and need a little digestive help.

Be sure to check out Tea Bloom’s assortment of teas! They make for a great gift and with the holidays coming, I’ll be gifting this to all my tea-loving friends! Enjoy!

*Product was sent complimentary. All opinions are my own.