5 Summer Closet Staples You’ll Wear Again and Again


marley lilly monogrammed bag

Hey everyone! I don’t know about where you are but summer is in full swing here in Texas. It’s hot and getting hotter every day. I don’t understand how people lived out here before air conditioning. It’s just too hot. However, the heat also means I have an excuse to by clothes appropriate for it- so that’s a plus! I’ve been going through my closet and figuring out what I need more of and I’ve discovered that there are a few things that come back year after year.

Gingham Patterns

Gingham is great year round but bright blues and reds are the best in summer and have been worn by women every year since I don’t know when! My gingham skirt was only $9.99 and you can get it at Target (its sold out online.)

Jack Rogers Sandals

These never get old and Jackie Kennedy wore them on multiple occasions. Need I say more? I often buy mine used on eBay but always check online for sales (I’m loving these ones right now!)

Mexican Embroidery

I do not know if there’s a proper term for the patterns and kind of embroidery but here in Texas, gorgeous Mexican embroidery adorns everything. My tote bag in the picture above is an example of that, although probably doesn’t do it justice!

Brightly Colored Tees

They go with shorts, cut offs, pencil skirt, and much more. Buy multiple when you find one you like. I’m a huge fan of J Crew cotton tees, which I’m wearing in bright yellow! I’d totally look like a bumble bee if I had worn black shorts, and yes- that makes me laugh!

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

They come back every summer because they’re a classic pattern. I’ll never wear actual tortoiseshell (I like turtles too much!) but the pattern is a favorite of mine for sunglasses! I’m loving these ones right now!

Start stocking up for the summer heat! There are a lot of good semi annual sales coming up and I’ll be sharing my favorite sales as they’re announced. So get ready!

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The Cutest Espadrilles for under $25 (You’ll Never Guess Where They’re from!)

Hey everyone! I’ve been a little absent lately and I’m still reeling from my engagement last week (ahhh!) but I’m back and so excited to share these super cute shoes I found! I’m a big fan of the Universal Thread line at Target this summer and I’ve been slowly buying up the collection every time I go on a Target run!

Ok so the shoes! They come in navy blue and red and are only $24.99 (link here!) These will be my go-to shoes for the rest of the summer. The bows on them are so darn cute and they go with absolutely everything! I was going through my closet earlier when I realized that half of it was navy blue. I think I’m addicted (hint: one of our wedding colors!)

I get a lot of comments on my shorts which also happen to be from the Universal Thread line and are only $16.99 (link here!) I’ve been wearing them a lot lately with basically everything. I appreciate the slight stretch in the denim on my, ahem, not so skinny days. I’m sure you can relate!

Anyway, had to share these deals with you because they made me do a little happy dance in the store! Go stock up!

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Our Engagement Story!

dallas engagements

Guess what?! I’m engaged! I can’t believe it either! David, my FIANCÉ, surprised me with such a gorgeous proposal! I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out how I was going to write a blog post about the proposal that did it justice. So I think I’m just going to go full speed ahead and tell it!

David and I have been dating for almost 3 years. We met in April 2015 in Fairfax, VA working together. I went and visited him in Texas that June and we’ve been together ever since! I knew he planned to propose sometime before then but other than that, it was up a mystery. I started getting my nails done regularly a few weeks ago just in case- ugly nails were not an option!

Monday night David and I went back to our old apartment to do a few final things before heading to our dinner reservations that evening. When we left to go to dinner, he wanted to walk to the restaurant, which I thought was odd given that it was about 92 degrees out and we were going to roast. I like the sunshine though so I didn’t protest. When we were waiting for a crosswalk sign to turn I put on my sunglasses and he promptly plucked them off my face and tucked them in his pocket. I started getting a little suspicious.

The restaurant was about a mile away and winding through city streets was part of the walk. We chatted about how work went that day and what appetizer we wanted for dinner. Then we came to a stop right across from Klyde Warren Park to wait for another light to change. I thought David would want to walk around the park and not through it. I was surprised when he guided us toward these lovely arches with greenery hanging over them.

He then held onto my hand and I saw him fumbling around in his jacket pocket. It was then that I knew what was going on. He made a joke that I could download our bank account app again (we have combined accounts and I deleted my bank app so I wouldn’t know if he bought a ring!) I looked at him and asked why. Then he got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring ever, and said “Liz, will you marry me?”

I said yes, shaking uncontrollably the entire time! I was so surprised and so happy! I just kept staring at my gorgeous ring and then staring back at David. Then I heard a soft clicking sound behind me. I turned around and there were my favorite photographers Luisa and her husband Douglas! Yes, David even had hidden photographers snapping pictures the entire time! Seriously, I was blown away that he did that. How incredibly thoughtful!

klyde warren park engagement

engagement at klyde warren park

We then snapped a bunch of photos in the park surrounded by flowers and the setting sun. It was honestly the best night of my life. Luisa and Douglas gave us our first “Mr and Mrs” item- champagne flutes! (Read our engagement story from her perspective on her blog!)

Shortly after our engagement we called my parents who were in on the secret. David called them several weeks ago to ask for their blessing and told them how he planned to propose. We called David’s family who also knew what he planned on doing. I was the last to know!

We spent the rest of the evening calling friends and enjoying a decadent meal at Stampede 66. The entire time I literally couldn’t stop smiling. And I don’t plan to stop anytime soon! I’m so excited to share our wedding planning journey with you over the next however many months (no date set yet!) Check back for updates! PS my  dress you can find here via my affiliate link! 

Feeling Better: How Life Circumstances Made a Big Difference

You don’t always realize how your inner health (mental and physical) can change the your outward beauty, but it totally can! I never noticed how sad and sick I looked a few months ago until someone commented on a recent photo of mine and said “wow, you look so much happier and healthier now!” I was caught off guard in a good way by that comment. I did look, feel, and sound better! So what changed? My entire life.

I Changed Jobs

I’ve said in previous blogs how my last job was just a nightmare for my entire being. Late nights, weekends, a boss that liked to yell at me for every little thing, and then more work and stress than you can imagine. A living hell for me. After 9 months of enduring it, I have my two week’s notice with no job lined up. 4 days later a miracle happened and I was offered a new job that paid a lot more money and promised less stress. I accepted immediately and haven’t regretted it once.

I feel about 100 times better in mind, body, and spirit! I had no idea how miserable I was before. I totally lost all of my joy. Now, my stress is pretty much gone and I can live my life again!

I Started Taking a Probiotic

Ahhh the wonders of a probiotic. I never paid any attention to gut health or vitamins or supplements. I always thought that stuff wasn’t for me. Then my coworker introduced me to RenewLife probiotics. Literally, a life changer! I’ve always had bloated belly problems, gross right? It didn’t matter what I ate, even a salad could make my stomach blow up like a balloon. It got to a point where I wouldn’t wear anything remotely tight or form fitting because I knew I’d like huge in it.

Enter probiotic supplements. The bacteria in your digestive tract can sometimes be a little lacking and a probiotic will help replenish it. I just take a vitamin in the morning and the bloating stays away all day. If you have the same problem, I highly recommend you get the probiotic I use (talk with your doctor first though!)

I Finally Saw a Doctor

Lord what it takes to get me to go to a doctor is crazy. I avoid them like the Black Death. But I finally went. I had been having bad anxiety and depression for awhile and had been trying to cope without medication and I simply couldn’t anymore. My hip was also causing me a ton of pain! The doctor sat down with me and spent tons of time answering questions and going over symptoms. She recommended a low dosage of anxiety medication as well as anti inflammatory medication for my hip.

Boom. Just like that I feel a ton better! Usually anxiety medication takes awhile to really have an impact but I already feel ten times better! My hip is also improving but will need an x Ray. Fun stuff. I’m so excited to get back in the gym and workout again though! It’s amazing what a doctor who listens can do for you.

So yay! I’m feeling better! These little and big changes made a massive difference in my quality of life!

Bonus: I’m wearing cute clothes again! My top is on sale for $19 at J Crew and my shorts are a steal at Target for $16!

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J Crew Summer Styles for Under $25




Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Cinco de Derby parties were super fun and you’ve fully recovered. David and I went to a Mexican restaurant near our new house that’s famous for creating the first frozen margarita! They were pretty tasty if I do say so myself! Of course we gorged on chips and salsa as well (we’re joining a gym this week, I swear!)

After celebrating with all the carbs ever, we went to Lake House White Rock Bar & Grill for a good salad. I forced David to take outfit pictures right after. He always enjoys doing that. Not. I found my top at J Crew on clearance for $19 (link here!) I love raiding their clearance and sales racks, I almost always find something cute for a great price. Browsing online, I found other items on sale that you’re going to love! Scroll through the widget and take a look at some of my finds!

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