For a Restful Night…

For a Restful Night by oceangirl15 featuring a down alternative bedding I am a terrible sleeper and have been since I was a baby! Last night I was having the worst time sleeping. Tossing and turning for hours on end is just not how I want to spend my sleeping hours. For those of you […]

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One of the Best Weeks of the Year: the Semi Annual Sale!

I count down the days until the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale starts. Ever since I was a pre-teen it was such an exciting event for me. Tell me I’m crazy but I really did get excited over it! My mom would look at me like a freak (she was never much of a […]

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What Do I Put in an Easter Basket?


6 Tips For an Amazing Easter Basket After a certain age Easter baskets really aren’t the same. The candy doesn’t excite us like it used to and hunting for Easter eggs is out of the question. My mom has always put together a cute basket for me (and I’m 21) and I still love it! Here […]

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