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Favorite Etsy Shops and 25% off code!!

  Hello pretty friends! Recently, I've been doing nothing but browsing Etsy for fun home decor items, particularly digital downloads of pictures I can frame to put on my walls. There are so many talented and creative people out there and I'm amazed by what they come up with! Below I've selected a few of … Continue reading Favorite Etsy Shops and 25% off code!!

Chanel and Champagne Inspiration

Hello loves! I was browsing Instagram earlier and found this adorable "Chanel and Champagne" tee from the Foi Clothing Boutique! It's $32 right now and I'm so in love with it. I'm calmly resisting from buying it but I feel like my closet needs this cute little phrase in it for some pep in my … Continue reading Chanel and Champagne Inspiration

Being the Boss Lady

The Boss Lady by oceangirl15 featuring Rosenthal Seriously, what girl doesn't dream of being a princess or at least the boss of something? I know I have. Both actually. However, I think the standard pant suit is boring for women. I prefer to embrace something more feminine and flattering. A wrap dress like this Diane … Continue reading Being the Boss Lady