Home Decor for Him and Her

Since moving to Kansas City, I've been exploring the little boutiques and scoping out the best places for sales! Coming from a small town without any real "boutiques" to visit, this place is heaven. I've noticed that many locally owned stores and even restaurants have been adopting a neutral color scheme that attracts both men … Continue reading Home Decor for Him and Her

Classics Worth Wearing Again

If we were all being honest with ourselves, we might actually admit that people who incorporate at least one classic element into their outfit look substantially better than those who don't. Classics are classics. They just are. When Hollywood was still glamorous and clothing was made for the woman to wear and not to wear … Continue reading Classics Worth Wearing Again

Black, Gold, and Pink Color Inspiration

I was messing around with some colors for my future apartment and am really starting to love the sophistication of gold, black, and pink! It really suits my need of something "grown-up" but also girly. Plus, black is timeless! No one will be able to pinpoint the decade in which I decorated my home. The … Continue reading Black, Gold, and Pink Color Inspiration

Chanel and Champagne Inspiration

Hello loves! I was browsing Instagram earlier and found this adorable "Chanel and Champagne" tee from the Foi Clothing Boutique! It's $32 right now and I'm so in love with it. I'm calmly resisting from buying it but I feel like my closet needs this cute little phrase in it for some pep in my … Continue reading Chanel and Champagne Inspiration