Pretty Wallpaper and Big Dreams

Happy Tuesday friends. I'm feeling the November air right now and its rather brisk! I noticed Starbucks has their red cups out now signaling the start of an intense holiday season. Bring on the peppermint mocha coffee drinks. Starbucks gets way too much of my money this time of the year. Regardless, I absolutely love … Continue reading Pretty Wallpaper and Big Dreams

Boutique Love: Brina Box and Pretty Little Things

Happy Monday everyone! I found the cutest company over the weekend called Brina Box. They sell jewelry, clothes, and a few other little accessories. Everything sparkles and is made for the girly girl in all of us. Best of all, their prices are reasonable and practically everything is discounted right now (raid their closet ladies!) … Continue reading Boutique Love: Brina Box and Pretty Little Things

How to Make Homework Enjoyable

Time for Homework by oceangirl15 featuring a queen bedding It's homework season and I'm already tired. There's just some things I do not love and never will. Homework is one of them. I've compiled a little visual for all the college newbies and others of things that anyone with an intense study session ahead of … Continue reading How to Make Homework Enjoyable

Pink for Summer Makeup

Pink for Summer by oceangirl15 featuring a coach fragrance "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!" Oh Elle Woods, you have the best quotes. But seriously, pink is so signature for summer. Last summer, coral tried to take over and that didn't last (though I like the color). I've put together a … Continue reading Pink for Summer Makeup

Miss Fabulous- Wearing Pink Today!

Miss Fabulous by oceangirl15 featuring patent leather handbags Pink with Envy I saw this dress browsing through Polyvore and I had to create a set for it. I love the uniqueness of it! I've never seen anything quite like it. Not to mention I also was looking for an excuse to include these shoes! They're … Continue reading Miss Fabulous- Wearing Pink Today!