Shhh! This isn’t a Feeling You Should Have: Wedding Planning Depression

flippen park engagement

I’ve always promised myself (and you!) that I’d be totally honest about my mental health struggles. So I thought it was important to admit and talk about how wedding planning can actually be a bit depressing for the anxiety and depression-prone gal! How are you not super happy?! I am super happy about marrying David, […]

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Outfits on Repeat: What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

shop rosie grace cold shoulder sweater

March has gone by really fast! I’m still waiting a few more days to switch my winter wardrobe over to my spring/summer wardrobe but I did manage to dig a few things out! Namely these hot pink J Crew shorts I’ve been wearing for years! But I also added a few new items to my […]

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What’s Left on Our Wedding Planning To-Do List

engagement photos flippen park dallas

Oh my goodness! Only 220-something days until David and I get married! It’s coming so fast but it’s taking sooo long at the same time. We’ve been busy saving all of our pennies and planning every detail of our wedding so that it’s everything we’ve dreamed of! I’m trying to savor every minute of the […]

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How to Use a Curling Wand Feat. PYT

curling wand hair

Hey everyone! I’ve been loving this spring weather recently and am getting out of my hibernation mode after 3 long months. Every time the sun comes out and I can throw my windows open I feel this little part of me come alive and I just want to do my make up and hair and […]

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Affordable Spring Styles from Universal Thread

universal thread spring

Oh you guys it’s almost spring! I’m literally counting down the days until spring is officially here. Luckily, in Texas it usually comes early. I’ve been making a spring style wish list to share with you and surprise, surprise- it consists of all things Target. Specifically, their line called Universal Thread. It’s a great dupe […]

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I’m an Empath and You Could be too

Hey everyone! Its been a busy start to the year with lots going on at work and wedding planning. I decided I wanted to take a little break and take care of my mental health as well as share something interesting I discovered about myself that may apply to you too! I’m an Empath and […]

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5 Things to do This Valentine’s Besides Going to a Restaurant

non traditional valentine's day date ideas

Every Valentine’s Day David and I wonder what we should do. Do we go out to eat and blow a lot of money on the pre-selected Valentine’s Dinner menu (which is always super expensive!) or do we stay in and pretend that there aren’t pink and red hearts everywhere? Decisions, decisions. While I still have […]

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