Kate Spade Wish List

Happy Tuesday beautiful friends. Yesterday, I spent most of the day drinking coffee and lounging around in sweats. The weather was icky and I've discovered that nothing looks pretty soaking wet. On the bright side, I made my Christmas wish list! Sort of. Everything on it is just a bit too expensive and any parent … Continue reading Kate Spade Wish List

My New and Free Personal Stylist

Happy weekend y'all! I hope your days off are full of relaxation and... shopping! I have a fabulous website for you to check out that will certainly inspire the fashionista in you! It's called Stylit.com and it will take the world by storm once beta testing is over. I have had it for a few … Continue reading My New and Free Personal Stylist

Cute Etsy Illustrations

I am a sucker for fashion illustrations. Ever since I saw Inslee Hayne's cute little designs I have been addicted to finding other artists just like her. My favorite place to look for them is on Etsy! I've found so many great sketches and watercolor drawings that just have me in raptures. Lately, I've seen … Continue reading Cute Etsy Illustrations

Peaches and Cream Outfit Inspiration

Peaches and Cream by oceangirl15 featuring Abba My very first word as a baby was "peaches" so I thought it was appropriate to design an outfit centered around a peach/mango color. Apparently, I ate peaches so often as a baby that when I was having my dinner I blurted "peaches" to my parents. I was … Continue reading Peaches and Cream Outfit Inspiration