Wardrobe Inspiration: Day at the Office

Day at the Office by oceangirl15 featuring red shoes The one thing I miss the most about working in an office setting is the professional wardrobe I got to wear. There's nothing better than walking into work looking and feeling like a successful lady. In DC, I could walk to work everyday and sported flats … Continue reading Wardrobe Inspiration: Day at the Office

Miss Fabulous- Wearing Pink Today!

Miss Fabulous by oceangirl15 featuring patent leather handbags Pink with Envy I saw this dress browsing through Polyvore and I had to create a set for it. I love the uniqueness of it! I've never seen anything quite like it. Not to mention I also was looking for an excuse to include these shoes! They're … Continue reading Miss Fabulous- Wearing Pink Today!

Style Inspiration: Kate Middleton

What's in the Duchess' Closet? The Duchess of Cambridge has become a style icon of our generation. People scrutinize every outfit she wears. Why? Because there hasn't been one that doesn't look amazing on her! She's classy, sophisticated, stylish, and wears clothing that doesn't go out of style. She's becoming a 'classic' icon similar to … Continue reading Style Inspiration: Kate Middleton

7 Things You Need for Spring

Spring Has Sprung! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, trees are getting their color back, and temperatures are rising. What's not to love about spring? But just like with any new season, we have to update our wardrobes and do some 'spring' cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new? Not always the … Continue reading 7 Things You Need for Spring

Inspiration and My Little Black Dress

Since my first day of summer officially started today, I found myself with loads of free time and nothing to really occupy it. I spent the last 8 weeks working for my coveted 4.o semester GPA. One of my classes was public relations oriented which partly inspired this blog. As a developing writer, I am … Continue reading Inspiration and My Little Black Dress