drug store cosmetics

5 Favorite Drug Store Cosmetics

Good morning beauty-lovers! It's been a super chilly few days and I've barely gone outside thus haven't really worn any make up here lately. My face probably thanks me for the 48 hours of breathing time it got. Everyone should have a day once a week where they just don't wear makeup. I imagine it … Continue reading 5 Favorite Drug Store Cosmetics

house hunters complaints

5 Annoying Things I Said Apartment Hunting

Happy Monday beauties! It was a fast, crazy weekend for me as I got settled in a new apartment in Kansas City, not to mention that it was absolutely freezing out! The temperature was somewhere around 15 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel as though it was -2. I don't do this … Continue reading 5 Annoying Things I Said Apartment Hunting

curing a cold

5 Ways to Cope with a Cold

  Happy Friday lovelies! Only one week until Christmas and this girl is battling a raging cold. The festivities of Christmas have been so difficult to partake in because I've felt so sick and no one enjoys a sneezing, coughing mess of a person in their midst. Who can blame them, right? It's the third … Continue reading 5 Ways to Cope with a Cold